If someone celebrates with full vigor and enthusiasm, and can pull off her look, it’s Heidi Klum. Every year, she amazes her fans and co-stars with incredible Halloween creations.

This year, she meandered in a full colorful butterfly costume on the streets of New York. Heidi was absolutely unrecognizable, concealed under an elaborate disguise of a giant bug. She stole the show with amazing makeup and accessories to celebrate the eerie holiday. Hats off to her effort and spirit of festivity!


Her extremely giant wings and popped eyes fluttered viewers’ hearts. They were a blend of vibrant hues, including gold, blue, green, yellow, neon and white. She outperformed her previous Halloween costumes from the last five years. Heidi really scared us, being the queen of Annual Halloween party hosted in New York City.

Complementing her, an excellent companion to Heidi on this Hallows Eve was the artistic Beyoncé Knowles. Although she was relatively decipherable, her makeup and props were quite astonishing, as always.


Beyoncé surprised her many fans, dressing as a renowned Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. She tried very hard to create a dead ringer, and her efforts definitely paid off. We could see a modern Frida in Beyoncé.

The very significant elements that made Knowles look like Kahlo were her blue printed outfit, vivid floral headdress, deep pink blusher, extravagant gold and gemstone jewelry. She donned an eye-catching colorful bracelet and chunky elongated gold earrings to make her outfit even more glamorous and authentic. It was a perfect iconic emergence of Queen Bey at Charlie Bird’s Halloween bash, in New York City.

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Though this isn’t the first time celebrities have shown up in such crazy Halloween outfits, these two leading ladies brought out a phenomenal sparkle that turned Annual Halloween into an unforgettable occasion.

Share with us, other exciting Halloween appearances put on by your favorite star (old or new), or any innovative idea that took your breath away and caught your attention.

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