We are always excited about Halloween! Whether trick-or-treating for candies, spooky costume parties, or a night in pajamas, watching your favorite horror movies, All Hallows Eve is a holiday we certainly look forward to every year. One more activity we participate in during Halloween week is reading fictional books. Our favorite remains Harry Potter.

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From these fabulous stories, we receive outside-the-box inspiration, including for our perfect Halloween costume. Whether a book, a movie or a drama series, we can expect some spooky ideas.

Harry Potter

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Hogwarts is safe now, and Mr. Potter is occupied with his family. The wizardry world now wants you. Are you with the evil lord or in the Potter brigade? This series has several characters you can mimic. Additionally, you can be Professor Trelawney, Luna Lovegood, Mad Professor Moody, Sorting Hat or Hagrid.

The Hunger Games

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Katniss Everdeen is now in District 13, and preparing for an all-out revolution against the Capitol. Courageous with confidence, she is an inspiration for many this Halloween. However, there are other characters, including our personal favorite, Effie Trinket for a dress up inspiration.

Game of Thrones

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DaenerysTargaryen, Mother of Dragons, must be an inspiration for many women as Emilia is “Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive.” However, you may choose to be wicked Cersei or honorable patriarch Ned Stark. If you want to be Tyene Sand, no need to make your blades poisonous – your look will do the trick!

Let your imagination run. Play your favorite character from these hit fictions in full spirit. They are wonderful to create an incredibly fun look for Halloween. Don’t forget to share your favorite character experience with us. We are waiting to know your dress up ideas for All Hallows Eve.

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