Sapphires are the stones of protection and prophetic wisdom. The history holds a high esteem for sapphires. Tradition has it that sapphire is the most sacred gemstone as Moses was given the Ten Commandments on sapphire tablets. Also the ancient believed that earth was embedded into a huge sapphire and that its reflection colored the sky. It is also believed that the stone has many healing and calming properties.

Sapphire has been associated with truth, honesty and faithfulness. It is  commonly called the stone of heaven. And as a symbol of good fortune, wisdom, holiness and virtue, sapphires have been worn by royals for decades. The British Royal Family possesses a remarkable collection of sapphire jewels. From tiaras, parure and brooches to bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings, a magnificent collection of world’s best sapphire jewelry is with the royals.

Sapphire Engagement Rings in British Royal Family

This birthstone of September symbolizes sincerity and devotion and so counts as an excellent option for an engagement ring. The likings for sapphire engagement rings have tremendously increased when Prince William presented a sapphire engagement ring to former Kate Middleton. But it was not the first time when sapphire was chosen to express the royal expressions. Along with the famous Kashmir sapphire and diamond engagement ring of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the engagement rings of Princess Michael, Princess Alexandra, Princess Anne and Princess Diana were also very popular.

The 7 carats Kashmir sapphire engagement ring of Princess Marina, the Duchess of Kent was another royal ring in history. The square cut sapphire ring was set in platinum with baguette diamonds. Similarly, Princess Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester also received a square-cut sapphire ring as an engagement bauble. But unarguably the oval sapphire ring of Princess Diana was the most famous of royal engagement rings. The ring has been an epitome of aristocratic choice and is now proudly show itself on Princess Catherine’s ring finger.

Sapphire jewels of various Royal Houses

Like the British Royalty, this 5th and 45th wedding anniversary gift has also been famous among other imperial houses.

The Mellerio Sapphire Parure of Dutch Royals holds a long history of hierarchy. It included a tiara made in 1881 which was studded with 33 Kashmir sapphires fenced by diamonds. It was designed for Queen Emma who later added a sapphire and diamond choker, two bracelets and a large sapphire brooch.

The Leuchtenberg sapphires Parure of Swedish Royal Family is another marked jewel in history. It once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte and since given to Josephine as a wedding gift remained a part of Swedish Royal Jewels.

The sapphire and diamond necklace of Empress Josephine which had eight large blue sapphires with oval diamond drops was an early 1800s creation.

Sapphires, the second hardest gem on earth has a never-ending royal history. I have tried to add the famous sapphire jewels of the world and yet there has been much left from mentioning. But I’ll surely bring you more about sapphires and especially the royal sapphires because this gem has a magnificent charm and spell-binding beauty. But for now enjoy the royal history of the heaven’s gem.

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