The Holiday season is nearly over and if you have not already, it’s time to put your best fashion foot forward. Winters incentivize you to experiment. If your checklist isn’t complete, here are some fashion trends you can embrace in style.

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Red still remains a favorite. Nothing sums up the holiday spirit like shimmery sequins! Not only are they ideal festive wears, this heavy fabric also helps you shield yourself against the bitter cold. In addition, you can go for a multi-colored outfit for a stand out party look.

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Blood red ruby jewelry would be a good match for your red dress. All you need are two gorgeous dangle earrings to complete your look. Create a striking contrast statement with a combination of diamond and ruby.


Surrounded by snow, you can’t possibly give white a miss! A feathery white dress, or a cozy fur coat, you have plenty of options to sport the white style. We love this winter gown.

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You can also go for semi-formal with understated outfits such as this one sported by model Elisa Sednaoui.


For accessories, go for either white gold or platinum diamond jewelry.


A little off track, but we can’t help mentioning this burgundy dress in textured lace by art collector, Dasha Zhukova. You can just throw a coat over this lovely dress to keep yourself warm. Team this up with some elaborate vintage jewelry in black and put on a killer silver stilettos to complete your look.

Ruby-Sparkles-Red-Dress-SetsImage Source:harpersbazaar.comGreen-Emerald-Pendants

The color green can be worn in quite a few ways as well. But this velvety dark green mini body hugger with a gold belt, caught our attention. It makes for a perfect party wear.

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Green naturally reminds you of emeralds. You can get fine emerald jewelry at great prices this holiday season to complete your wardrobe. We would suggest vintage stud earrings in a halo diamonds or dangles.


Let us know which look would you go for?

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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      Welcome back! Yes, absolutely. For shoppers, the holiday can become a very stressful time. Not only because of long lines and delivery anticipation, but also (and more importantly) finding the right gift for your loved one(s). There is a great deal of information that goes through our mind in finding and planning, so we decided to compile this recommended shopping list for you. We hope your holidays went better than anticipated and your gifts turned out better than expected. Valentine’s Day is just 1 week away, so the anticipation and celebration continues. 🙂

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