Edith Head, Academy Award winning costume designer, rightly said “You can have anything you want if you dress for it”.  And your big interview is no exception. Besides the type of industry, locality and culture of the workplace, there are several other elements that should be kept in mind to ensure you look good and make a lasting impression. So read on…


Simplicity Is the Key

As easy as this may sound, it does require a little bit of an effort. When trying to crack an interview, try to keep the focus on yourself and not on your clothes or accessories. The fashion industry may be considered an exception to this, as it offers more freedom to showcase your unique sense of style.

For men, simplicity will be a lot easier to achieve as a wedding band (if you’re married) and a classy watch should be enough to do the trick. Remember that less is more, so aim to keep your style tasteful and sophisticated.

With the multitude of jewelry options available for women, there’s a good possibility of going slightly overboard. However, accessorizing for an important interview shouldn’t be a daunting task. Just stick to one or two carefully chosen pieces in the beginning, and express yourself more freely after you’ve landed the job and tested the waters.

Always Choose Quality over Quantity

Earrings have always been a wonderful accessory, and a great choice for an interview would be a pair of studs. Pearl and diamond studs radiate an elegant appeal, while framing your face in a subtle way. Avoid dangle earrings, whimsical motifs and large hoops as they can cause distraction during face-to-face interviews. While multiple ear piercings are a nice way to reflect your personal taste, try to stick to just one pair for this particular occasion. Same goes for rings. Choose a design that’s graceful, and save the stackable or flashy versions for another day.

Adorn a Necklace for a Refined Touch

A necklace with one main focal point, such as a solitaire pendant, is a nice way to draw attention to your face during an interview. As long as it sits right beneath your collarbone, it’s sure to infuse a charming appeal to your overall outfit. Multi-strand layered necklaces can be distracting and are best avoided. On the other hand, a single strand pearl necklace is a classic favorite that’s appropriate for most interviews.

Buying fine jewelry to create a beautiful – yet professional – collection is an investment you will not regret. Almost all the jewelry pieces mentioned in this article have the versatility to be worn not just for a formal setting like an interview, but also for a casual outing. Once you secure the job, you’ll have more freedom to express yourself through a variety of jewelry, and at Angara, we’ll help you find just the perfect one!

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