Does the term ‘vintage’ conjure up thoughts of Marilyn Monroe smiling, while her white dress flows in the air? Or perhaps, it’s the sight of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s that instantly flashes in front of your eyes? The fact is, even after decades, images of these legendary icons are fresh in our minds, and the vintage charm of a bygone era does have a good role to play in this.

But hey, you don’t need to step out looking like a retro celeb to channel a timeless look. A couple of smart additions to your outfit can effortlessly do the trick. Here’s how…


Office Hours: We love the idea of looking classy while making money. And one of the best ways you can do this is with a vintage-inspired necklace. Intricate design elements, such as milgrain detailing, and vibrant gems will together radiate a sophisticated vibe that is sure to win admiration.

Why it works: The kind of accessories you wear to work may be influenced by the dress code, culture and the type of industry you belong to. A vintage-inspired necklace, however, blends in beautifully and is sophisticated enough to be worn almost anywhere.

Vintage Inspired Necklace

Night Out: A little effort (hair and makeup) goes a long way in ensuring you look your best on a fun night out with friends. But if you’re someone who really loves to make a style statement, then do give vintage-inspired cocktail rings a try. The design typically puts the spotlight on a single large gem, which will often be all the bling you need to accessorize your outfit.

Why it works: Dance, music, gossip…there’s so much that happens when you’re having fun. And your hands are going to be the focal point during conversations; so you might as well make them look more beautiful with a stunning cocktail ring. From the intense purple amethyst and honey-yellow citrine to a rainbow-hued opal and midnight black onyx; you’ll certainly find something that complements your outfit.


Romantic Date: When you vibe well with someone, a date can smoothly transition from coffee and movie to dinner. Through all of this, you need one piece of jewelry that’ll transition with you, while adding a little sparkle to your face. A pair of vintage-style earrings is crafted to do just that! You can go for a pair of gorgeous studs or drop earrings depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Why it works: Earrings that feature vintage-inspired patterns have an air of elegance about them. If this is how your personality is, then why not wear something that seamlessly complements it? So go ahead and pretty up your romantic date with something vintage.


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