When it comes to buying a ring for a special someone, how many of us actually pay attention to the shape of the gemstone? The truth, for many of us, is that the visual appeal of the jewelry often takes precedence over many other details. But the gemstone shape or cut is certainly an integral aspect that deserves some of your thought space.

Not only is there some serious skill set involved in achieving a particular shape, but this feature also significantly influences the overall look. It becomes even more important if you’re buying an engagement ring for your lady. So how do you pick the perfect gemstone shape? Her personality has the answer! Take this quiz to know more…

How to Find the Best Gemstone Shape For Her Personality

Pick the One that Describes Her Best

A) Free-spirited
B) Glamorous
C) Classy
D) Laid-back

How Would You Describe Her Sense of Dressing?

A) Comfort: It’s always her number one priority.
B) Miss Fashionista: If it’s on Vogue, she probably has it!
C) Elegant and timeless: Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy may just be her style icon.
D) Casual and easy: Not a follower of trends, she prefers basic and simple styling.

Her Perfect Honeymoon…

A) Is filled with exploration, scuba diving, bungee jumping and many more adventures!
B) The most luxurious stay packed with rejuvenating spa sessions and lots of pampering.
C) At a famous island; maybe even the Seychelles. Isn’t that the place where Prince William and Kate celebrated their honeymoon?
D) A budget-friendly destination that’s high on romance, but easy on the pocket.

Which Aspect of a Ring Will Really Matter To Her?

A) Design: It needs to be comfortable enough for everyday wear.
B) Brilliance: The bigger the size of the gem, the better!
C) Intricate details: A vintage beauty, something she can pass on as an heirloom treasure.
D) Versatility: Needs to complement her work attire, as well a dress for an after-hours event.

Mostly A’s

This is a practical and adventurous woman, and functionality is of utmost importance when it comes to her jewelry. We recommend you pick an engagement ring that features a foolproof pear or an oval gemstone in a protective bezel setting. This basically envelops the jewel with a thick rim of metal from all sides, and hence is a great option for someone with an active lifestyle.

Bezel Pear Sapphire Stackable Ring with Diamond Accents

Mostly B’s

A marquise-shaped gemstone exudes royalty, and this may just be the perfect option for a diva who demands only the best in life! Or you can take inspiration from Lady Gaga’s extraordinarily eye-catching engagement ring, and get her a piece that’s embellished with a heart-shaped vibrant gemstone.

Heart Shaped Garnet Halo Ring with Diamond Accents

Mostly C’s

She’s a woman who’s in love with the charm of a bygone era, and for good reason! Vintage-inspired pieces that showcase intricate details, etched metals, small floral motifs and a Victorian or Art Deco flair truly do radiate a timeless appeal. We suggest you pick a ring with a vivid gemstone in emerald-cut or the cushion shape for a one-of-a-kind feel.

Vintage Inspired Emerald Cut Tanzanite Halo Ring

Mostly D’s

She doesn’t believe in the ever-changing fashion trends and would love something that is classic and perfect for all reasons and seasons! So when it comes to the shape, we recommend you choose the most versatile of them all – a round gemstone. Alternatively, you can also pick the cushion shape as it goes well with both vintage and modern designs.

Tapered Shank Morganite Solitaire Ring with Diamond Accent

An engagement ring is something she’ll treasure for years to come. It’ll also be a permanent symbol of your love. So take your time and explore the many beautiful options available online, and zero down on something that truly complements her personality. It will certainly be worth the effort!

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