Planning to pop the question this holiday season? Before anything else, ensure that you’ve got the right ring for your girl. While shopping for an engagement ring, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. An engagement ring is an accessory that your girl will be wearing every day. It is hence important that the ring is an extension of her personal style sense. Here’s how you can pick a ring that your lady is sure to love.


  1. Select the gemstone
    While diamonds have always been the preferred choice among many couples, colored gemstones also make an interesting option. After diamonds, sapphires are the most popular engagement ring gemstone. If your girlfriend is someone who likes to go unconventional, then a ring adorned with a ruby, emerald or tanzanite will make a great choice.
  2. Select the gemstone shape
    Once you’ve decided which gemstone you’d like to go with, the next task at hand is to select the gemstone shape. In diamonds, round is the most sought after shape for engagement rings. The princess and cushion cut ones are the other popular non-round shapes.
  3. Select the metal
    Platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold – choose the precious metal that she loves the most. While platinum and white gold are the most coveted ones, you can make it unique with rose or yellow gold. When it comes to durability, platinum is the best choice.
  4. Select the ring style
    Does she like it classic, or is she someone who has an eye for detail? Depending on her style preference you can choose to keep it simple and elegant or elaborate and glamorous. If she’s someone who is a lover of old world charm, a vintage-inspired ring will be just perfect for her.
  5. Decide on the budget
    While looking for engagement rings, you’ll come across a wide array of designs and styles. Have an approximate price range in mind before you begin your shopping. There is no hard and fast rule on how much you should spend. Simply choose a ring that fits within your budget and matches your girlfriend’s personality.
  6. Find her ring size
    Finding her ring size without asking her can be quite a task. You can casually ask her for her ring size or take the help of her close friends or family. Alternatively, you can also try sneaking out one of her old rings and have it measured.
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