“Jewelry” is something that we wear to satiate our desire to look good and we draw inspiration from various quarters for this. Some people look at celebrities while others copy red carpet looks, some may be inspired by latest Hollywood flicks. The reason for this could be many. For example it helps us to impress our colleagues. Also it makes us look glamorous. Some go for these gemstone jewelries as they are more chic and fun. One more important thing is that these sparkling gemstones jewels live on for generations. So, buying an exquisite piece of jewelry requires a lot of research and knowledge and here we are with an article with some all time favorites and some latest gemstone jewelry designs that should be part of your personal jewelry collection.

To start with let us talk about gemstone earrings as they are most preferred piece of jewelry. Some earrings that have almost become a legend now are “Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings” that she chose to wear for her appearance at the 2009 Oscar red carpet. This year it was Berenice Bejo whose earrings became talk of the town. One more earrings that have been an always a rage is star diamond earrings Bette Davis wore in “All About Eve”. Though it has been more than six decades since the release of this movie, but these earrings are still in vogue.

Emerald-and-Diamond-Designer-Ring Sapphire-and-Diamond-Border-Ring

Next on the list is gemstone rings. Though mostly people wear these rings as a symbol of their engagement or marriages but it is also a fashion statement. Top of the list is undoubtedly “blue sapphire engagement ringof Kate Middleton. This ring has now become famous as Diana Ring as Princess Diana chose this 18-carat oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds for her engagement in 1981. Another ring that has also become timeless gemstone jewelry is diamond and emerald ring that Joan Fontaine wore in the movie “Rebecca” is another all time desired ring.

diamond-interlinked-circle-pendantp0110d Diamond-Interlinked-Heart-PendantSP0383D Diamond-Floral-Necklace-SP0372D

Finally let us discuss the pendants, they are also popular though craze for these have been a more recent phenomenon. The modern lifestyle is all about keeping it sparkling and simple. So, these days most of us like the simple cross pendants, journey pendants or a pear drop pendant. But latest trend seen on most of online stores is pendant designs inspired by Hollywood flicks like ‘The Hunger Games” and even there are a few stores offering jewelry inspired by TV series Mad Men and Desperate Housewives. Though, it is ok to buy a piece of jewelry that has taken off from something topical once in a while. However, as jewelry is timeless it is always advisable to buy something that is long lasting and remains relevant for generations to come. Some such collections are Jewelry collections of legendary royal families and jewelries of devout jewelry collectors like Liz Taylor, Wallis Simpson to name a few.

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