The term ‘infinity’ is often used to describe the inconceivable, the endless and the eternal. When used in jewelry, the infinity sign – a sideways figure of the number 8 becomes the symbol of unending love, devotion and adoration. It is also often regarded as the symbol of perfection and empowerment. The infinity symbol was first introduced in the 17th century by mathematician John Wallis to represent the concept of limitlessness. Owing to its deep spiritual meaning, symbolism and elegant look, infinity jewelry has gained considerable popularity in the modern times.


Angara’s latest infinity jewelry collection captures the idea of infinity with utmost beauty and elegance. There are rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets featuring the ancient infinity icon in combination with sparkling diamonds and gemstones. In diamonds, you can either opt for classic white diamonds, alluring brown diamonds or enchanting enhanced black and blue diamonds. There are also stunning infinity jewels adorned with other stones such as sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite, aquamarine, opal, garnet, pearl and more.

Encompassing the idea of forever, our infinity jewelry assortment features stunning solitaires, two and three stone designs, vintage-inspired patterns, minimalist pieces and more. Each piece of jewelry is masterfully sculpted to make an impression. There are designs with intricate detailing and elaborate scrollwork for a truly luxurious and opulent look. Colored gemstones are also placed in combination with glimmering white diamonds for a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Be it as a gift to someone special or an accessory for yourself, Angara’s infinity jewelry will always make a fabulous choice. Rings from our collection will make great tokens of love, irrespective of the occasion being a wedding, an engagement or anniversary. With just a few clicks, you can also have your favorite design customized in the stone quality, carat weight and metal of your liking. Take a look at our collection; we’re sure you’ll easily find a piece that’ll suit your requirements and let you mark a unique relationship in a beautiful way.

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