Tanzanite shares the December birthstone title, besides turquoise and Zircon. This came about as recently as 2002, so don’t be surprised if you didn’t know this. It is clear that Tanzanite is a potentially excellent investment. The mines are at only one place in the world, Tanzania in Africa, and are likely to exhaust themselves by 2020. So, what do you look for when making an investment in Tanzanite?

Quality of Tanzanite
While owning any Tanzanite in the years to come when Tanzanite is no longer mined; will be a privilege, most gemologists would recommend compiling tanzanites of the best quality. The industry’s standards on colored stones dictate that the deepest and most vivid colors of Tanzanites are finer. While some may disagree, and prefer the paler shades, the buyer tends to conform to the industry standard.

Carat weight or Size of Tanzanite

The larger the stone the better so go for the largest gemstones you can afford. The theory behind this is that these tanzanites are rarer and therefore will command better prices. A balanced approach is to recommend a mix of sizes, this way you can have the best of both worlds and if you can’t afford a 20 carat piece, then rest assured that your collection of 1 carat Tanzanite is also rare.

Shape or cut of Tanzanite

It is purely a matter of personal preference. No shape of Tanzanite is considered more valuable than another. What the focus should be in a cut is the quality of the cut rather than the shape.

For more information on Tanzanites and qualities to look for when buying one, visit tanzanite buying guide.

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