Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect occasion to appreciate mom for everything she does. Though all she’d want from you is quality time together, some sparkling jewelry pieces will certainly make her feel special. Here’s a list of our jewelry recommendations for different ‘mom personalities’.

The Classy Mom


She’s the kind who can make jaws drop even when she’s out just grocery shopping. This woman is all about sophistication and elegance. It’s possible that she already has a curated collection of fine jewelry, but which lady can refuse more glittering gems? The trick here, however, is to get her something that’s as refined as she is.

Jewelry Option: Luxurious and graceful, pearl jewelry will be the best pick for her. You can also consider other fascinating gems like the sapphire, emerald, amethyst or ruby. With their undeniable opulence and splendor, these gems will certainly complement her charm.

The Multitasking Super Mom


Remember Frankie Heck from the sitcom The Middle? This woman juggles family and work life, and keeps it all together in a way only a super mom can. If your mother belongs to this category, then there’s a good chance she’s in dire need of a break. This Mother’s day, go all out and make her feel priceless. How? You could cook her a meal and surprise her with a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Jewelry Option: Since this woman is always on the go, her jewelry needs to be functional and beautiful. A lovely ring (consider vintage or floral patterns) or a pair of beautiful studs embedded with glittering gems should be just perfect.

The Fun & Cool Mom


There’s a good chance she has more followers than you on social media! And even if that’s not the case, it’s easy to know if your mom falls in this category. The fun and cool mom simply exudes an aura that makes everyone around her super comfortable and open up to her with absolute ease. From being your biggest (and loudest) fan at soccer matches to the perfect fashion advisor; this mom celebrates her kids and lives her own life to the fullest.

Jewelry Option: Go big or go home; that should be your mantra when shopping for this effervescent personality. Think gorgeous colors and bold designs. We highly recommend an eye-catching necklace or a pair of stunning dangle earrings to complement her irresistible charm.

The Homemaker


This is a full-time job, with no leaves! Running the house, managing the never-ending bills, kids, laundry, dishes…the list never seems to shorten.  And she handles all this and more, every single day of her life. Doesn’t this woman deserve something truly fabulous?

Jewelry Option: Get her a diamond; be it a ring, a pair of earrings or a bracelet. The variety of diamond jewelry available today is truly mind-boggling and you really can’t go wrong with it. Also, do check out blue, black and coffee diamonds if you want to pick something that’s slightly offbeat.

Whether your mom belongs to any of these categories or not, gifting her a piece of jewelry as amazing as herself is a sure shot winner. At Angara, you’ll find an exceptional collection of diamond, pearl and colored gemstone jewelry. There are also jewelry pieces that can customized with your mom’s birthstone or that of your family members. So take your pick, give her a big surprise, and make her feel like a million dollars.

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