Holiday parties will be kicking off soon after Thanksgiving, and it won’t be a bad idea to keep your baubles ready for the upcoming events. While it’s rather easy to decorate your home with festive colors and lighting, choosing the perfect fine jewelry may get slightly confusing. So how do you decide? Let us help you…


Opt for Green and Red gemstones that complement the holiday season

Emeralds and rubies are exceptionally beautiful choices to accessorize your outfits for almost any festive event. While a pair of emerald earrings and bracelet will make any dress stand out, rubies will instantly grab attention with their remarkable hue. Other relatively affordable alternatives to these precious gems are olive green peridots and intense red garnets.

Silver & Gold

“Silver & Gold” does not just work as the classic holiday tune, but also as radiant options for festive jewelry. These two are especially great for someone who prefers understated elegance. If you fall in this category, then consider accessorizing your outfit with a bracelet and pendant crafted from either one of these metals. Alternatively, you can also pick platinum or rose gold for a soft, warm glow. If you have gold or silver jewelry embellished with colored gems, then don’t hesitate to wear it. However, try to ensure what you pick is not a complete contrast from your dress.

Blue gemstones

Nothing says winter is here like gemstones that radiate an icy blue splendor, and no other jewel does it better than an aquamarine. Team up your outfit and winter coat with an aquamarine pendant and matching earrings, and watch heads turn! Blue topaz can also be worn to infuse a beautiful festive hue into your ensemble.

Another stunning option is sapphire. This precious gem epitomizes royalty and can instantly uplift the appeal of any attire that you may wish to wear during the holiday season. Pair any of these blue gems with diamonds and you have a hands-down winner!

While accessorizing your outfit for the holiday season, don’t lose track of the look that you wish to achieve and try to stick to it. Define whether you want to exude elegance and sophistication or sheer glamour, and pick jewelry pieces accordingly. In case you plan to wear something new, then we may just have what you need. Happy Shopping!

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