Fall is at its best these days and we simply love the bright and beautiful jewels everywhere around us. We have already discussed the most popular gemstones for the season. That is not all; we have a lot more to tell you. Our trend chart is highlighting the ever-sparkling metals that are storming in the season. Everybody know gold, platinum and silver make the most promising and popular jewelry metal options. What is new in that?

Well, this season these precious metals are shining with a little difference. Check out to know more about the metal trends for fall 2013.

Metal Trends for Fall 2013:

Gold Rush


Traditional is trend this season. Even though the prices for gold are fluctuating, it doesn’t affected the popularity of the metal. You can see yellow gold in exotic designs with textured touch and elaborated looks. Solid gold chains, intricately carved cuffs, cocktail gemstone rings are few options to enjoy the metal.

White and Bright


Platinum and white gold jewelry is still one of the most promising jewelry trends. The difference to the regular styling is the intricate and delicate filigree and lace work.

Beautiful Blending


A bit of rose gold over white metal or a beautiful mix of yellow, rose and white gold; two tone and three-tone metal options are in vogue these days.

Personalized Karats

Bling lovers know how to enjoy the sparkles even in a restricted budget. They are choosing 10K and 14K gold options instead of 18K and 22K for their jewelry. That means the same design with more strength yet less prices is available for them.

Vintage Touch


White metal with a bit of black tint is another way people are using metal in jewelry. A blackened touch to metal gives a vintage feel. It looks very elegant and antique.

We know the gemstones and metal choices for fall, and now it is time to get a sneak peak in the style world. We will soon bring you the trendiest style options for fall, meanwhile tell us your metal choice for the season.

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