One of the top Costume Ideas for Halloween 2010 on everyone’s list is dressing up as Lady Gaga! According to 9News,they reported that Howard Beige of Rubie’s Costume Company stated, “As a personality, Lady Gaga is the single most popular costume we’ve sold for adults in our 59 years in business” with the teen sizes selling out of control.

Does that say something about the teens or the growing inclinations of the generation? One of the things that makes it so easy to turn yourself into a Lady Gaga costume is the fact that she has worn so many outfits.

If you are putting together Lady Gaga Halloween costumes for teens just remember to add at least one thing to it that enables others to know for sure you are Lady Gaga. Getting items from her officially licensed products may help because they are built after her. One of the most helpful Lady Gaga products is her makeup set. As her radical makeup is part of her attire, it should also be part of your costume. If you are going to a Halloween party or somewhere before you need your whole outfit then just carry them all in a bag.

Teen Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes

The following are some of the Gaga costumes that are hot this year. Although some of these have an actual costume that go with them, others will have to be pieced together, but that is easy since there are Lady Gaga accessories available everywhere. The official Lady Gaga approved Halloween costumes have been released on her own line “Lady GAGA”.

Bad Romance Lady Gaga Costume

The Bad Romance Lady Gaga Halloween costumes come ready made at Amazon. There are some videos around the web that tell you how to make the red spiky hat that goes along with the costume. When wearing this Halloween costume remember that it also includes a face mask and lace gloves.

Lady Gaga Bubble Dress Costumes

One of Lady Gaga’s most daring and memorable outfit is the bubble dress. Whether you make the Bubble Dress costume at home or purchase it, it will likely be a big hit. There are only so many who are daring enough to pull off this outfit as a Lady Gaga Halloween costume for teens. There is a Bubble Dress online that has 98 pieces of bubbles to it.

Lady Gaga Sequin Dress Costumes for Teens

A Lady Gaga costume would not be complete without a dress with sharply cut styles. She wore a sequin dress that you can wear for a Halloween costume. Making an outfit yourself with extreme edges and geometry can make others believe you are wearing a Lady Gaga Halloween costume

Lady Gaga Blonde Soda Can Wig

This is just what it sounds like…a long wig that is made to hold soda cans. This soda can wig from Lady Gaga will give Lady Gaga Halloween costumes authenticity. There are also some other wigs and hair products that you can pick if you do not like this one.

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