It is National Grandparents Day and you must have prepared to celebrate it with your grandma and grandpa. Celebrated to express your love, respect and care for your beloved grandparents, this day deserves something special. You must have surely prepared something great to make this day special for them. Yet if you forget to get the beautiful gift as a part of your planned surprise, don’t worry! We have some last minute gift options to make it an unforgettable event.

Sapphire ring for Grandma:

Sapphire is the birthstone of September. Gifting your grandma with a beautiful sapphire ring or a sapphire and diamond band will definitely make her feel very special. You can choose the color of the main stone as per her likes. If she is one of them, who love things royal, blue sapphire is perfect for her. Pink sapphire is another option for those who like to flaunt perfect feminine style.


Birthstone Jewelry:

Birthstones are one of the best ways to signify forever bonding. The concept of gifting birthstone jewelry is not new. In fact, you can give this lovely gift to your loved ones to show your love and care. A piece of ring set with the birthstones of your grandparents and their children will make them feel a closer association with their brood.

Charm Jewelry:

Charms are another lovely gift to surprise your grandparents. A charm engraved with your names will give them a loving feel. You can even get a bracelet with different charms or a multi-charm necklace.


Jewelry Gift Card:

If it’s too late to buy or order anything now, simply get a gift card for your grandparents. They will love the idea to shop the jewelry according to their taste while proudly flaunt it because it will be a gift from you. Online stores offer gift cards of different values from as minimum as $100. So get a gift card within your budget and let your grandma and grandpa to enjoy a blissful bling.

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