Valentine’s Day is here and most of you have already prepared for the romantic celebration. A lovely piece of jewelry is already delivered to your door step, the last minute flower and chocolate buying is done and you have booked the table at her favorite restaurant for a fine dining.

But if you have not done anything because you were running short of time, the weather was nerve freezing or you were too busy with the Super Bowl, don’t disappoint. There is still a way out to celebrate it romantically. All the romantic Hollywood movies are made for this reason. All you have to do is to get her a gift card for jewelry shopping and plan a night out at the movies. Both the ideas require just a bit of planning and quick execution.

She might be expecting a very special treatment. Presenting a jewelry gift card will show – you want her to choose her favorite piece of precious jewelry. Men are not always very good at selecting jewels and women know this and therefore they don’t mind getting a gift card. A gift card would make it convenient for her to find a perfect piece of jewelry that she might be thinking to get for a while.


So the gift part is done and now you have to choose a movie for further celebration. You should think of something romantic and entertaining. Here we have picked the five new films to entertain you this Valentine’s Day.

About Last Night

About Last Night Official Trailer

Starring comedian Kevin Hart, this film is a modern version of the classic romantic comedy. It is great to watch if you want a good laugh. You could relate and enjoy the madness that opens up after getting together for the first time.

Endless Love

Endless Love Official Trailer

This remake of 1981 will make the theater steam up. So if you and your partner are interested in film that can make the emotions hot and heavy, this is a film to watch.

The Winter’s Tale

Winter’s Tale Official Trailer

Lost love, deadly illness, time travel and Irish accents – The Winter’s Tale has all these for a picture perfect romance and thus qualifies for a Valentine’s Day watch.

That Awkward Moment

That Awkward Moment Official Trailer

A light-hearted film showing the lives of dudes who fall in love. With perfect combination of sweet and awkward moments, it’s a great choice for Valentine’s Day celebration.

Labor Day

LABOR DAY Official Trailer

A film about the unexpected romance, it will sweep you off your feet with its superb acting. The ‘Titanic’ fame Kate Winslet has already received a Golden Globe nomination for the film. So it’s anyways special to watch.

You have got the ideas to avoid the day spoiling, act fast and show your partner you know the ways to instantly make the moment special.

Have a super romantic Valentine’s Day!


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