“There is no remedy for love, but to love more!” and “In love, a heart sees what eyes fail to notice!” Keeping these love quotes in mind, we know genuine love is full of care and feelings, necessary to create a special bond forever.

Speaking of care, there are different ways to show her how much you think about her. Pampering her with gifts doesn’t hurt, and presenting her favorites is the best expression of love and how much you pay attention. Besides the classic chocolates and flowers, one of the most powerful ways to woo her is with jewelry.

Considered a woman’s weakness, ‘jewelry’ is closely associated with love and romance. Since the evolution of jewelry, men have used jewelry to express their deepest feelings to their beloved. You cannot go wrong with jewelry, and different gemstones express different types and levels of emotion. Let’s take a look at a few of these emotional situations:


Flirt a little and be a bit naughty! Make her laugh and take her out. A perfect romantic date ends with a candle light dinner, staring at her when she least notices. Show her your genuine intentions and your romantic side. Surprise her with pink sapphire jewelry, and you’ll have the most romantic night. The velvety pink hue will put a smile on her face and sparkle in her eyes.



When it comes to popping the special question, men often fall short of ideas. No matter which proposal idea you choose, a ruby ring will not disappoint. Ruby ring is known as the ‘love color’ and her heart will skip a beat, realizing how deep your love is for her. Add some diamonds around your ruby, and you’ll express eternal love.



‘You are my one and the only one” is best expressed with emeralds. Gemstone of love and commitment, you’ll surely make her day. The nature-kissed green hue will leave her stunned as it stands for exclusivity.



“The smallest good deed is better than the greatest good intention!” Don’t restrict your care to your intentions. Show it off to her. Get sapphire jewelry, and hear her praise, watch her hug and kiss you.


Eternal Bond:

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this forever stone symbolizes eternity. Surprise her with diamond jewelry and celebrate the eternal bond of love.


These are just a glimpse of how you can add color to her world with Angara gemstone jewelry. You can even personalize your jewelry by selecting her favorite gemstone colors. Angara has thousands of customer recommendations from their current customers.

Every love story has a different happy ending. Share with us which is your favorite gemstone, and what emotions you have felt/will feel when receiving them.


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