Is the thought of men buying expensive jewelry for women a past relic? Possibly, even a stereotype? Not completely, but if we go with a Mintel’s survey report, we find that more women today are treating themselves to luxury jewelry. In fact, women have become more independent now, more than ever before.


From a simple random sample of 2,000 women surveyed, they wanted to find out if luxury jewelry buying is limited to men. Surprisingly, more than half of these women surveyed admitted they buy jewelry for themselves. These buyers are successful professionals over 45 years-old with an average disposable income of around $90,000. They say they love spending money on unique and valuable jewelry. Common reasons for purchase are a sense of accomplishment, enjoyment, and investment. Interestingly, many women are buying jewelry at auctions, which have previously been dominated by men.


For example, Bonham’s Knightsbridge Auction in London reported half of its buyers were women. The auction house predicts that soon the number of female buyers would reach to one third of its total buyers. Bonham’s sells more jewelry lots annually than any other auction.


The percentage of female buyers at Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels was close to Bonham’s with 41%. Hong Kong auction has recently recorded as most valued auction ever held in Asia.


This means women no longer require dropping hints to their significant other for a piece of jewelry. They simply buy. According to experts, most women who buy jewelry for themselves consider jewelry as a way to celebrate a special moment, promotion, or just want to invest in a tangible asset. They don’t fear auctions or heavy price tags because they know how to appreciate value and source proper guarantees.


These figures will surely help and reassure more women to shop for high jewelry without fear. Clearly, luxury jewelry is not limited to royalty and richest celebrities. Women from various lifestyles and backgrounds are buying exclusive jewels to treat themselves and loved ones.


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What do you think of buying jewelry for yourself? Would you be a part of the trend, or would you continue a tradition started centuries ago? Let us know your thoughts.


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