A promise ring is widely used as a symbol of commitment between two people. While it may signify a future engagement, it is mostly used to reflect the devotion for each other. There are moments in many relationships when two people though head over heels in love, are not quite ready to get engaged. It might be because they feel they are too young or simply because they want to take some time and enjoy their relationship as it is. Promise rings are perfect for moments such as these.

Angara's Promise Rings

Difference between Promise and Engagement Rings

An engagement ring signifies the next step in a relationship and is given when you are ready to get married. On the other hand, a promise ring is given as an expression of one’s love and commitment. While a promise ring is more than just a simple gift, it is of lesser significance than an engagement ring. It need not be as elaborate or as expensive as an engagement ring. The center stone of promise rings are also much smaller than that of engagement rings.

History of Promise Rings

The idea of giving rings as a promise of love dates back to several hundred years. During those days, couples were betrothed rather than engaged. It meant that the couple would eventually marry, though after several years. In 16th-century England, the rings were often engraved with romantic poems. However, in the past decade, thanks to celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Jonas brothers, the popularity of promise rings has increased considerably.

How to Choose a Promise Ring

While choosing a promise ring, it is very important to consider the personality and style preferences of your significant other. You can opt for themes that include hearts or intertwined designs that are perfect for symbolizing your union. There are vintage inspired designs, contemporary styles, those with precious diamonds as well as rings with colored gemstones such as emerald, sapphire, ruby and more. If you are on a stricter budget, you can also consider choosing a simple band.

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