Spring is when your soul is in bloom.’ March brings blossoming flowers, springtime breezes and reasons to celebrate (I.e. International Women’s Day: March 8th). Do you know why else we look forward to March?


We cherish this month because of ‘Aquamarine: The official birthstone of March.’ More commonly resembling calmness, serenity and purity, March-born people are fortunate to invite exhilaration crystals, feelings of peace and relaxation from the ocean. Throughout history, gemstones have been revered for their beauty, mystical powers and properties, and aquamarines are no less.


Belonging to beryl family of minerals, aquamarine derives its name from the Latin ‘aqua marinus’, which translates to ‘water of the sea.’ Ancient folklore considered this ocean-blue semi-precious gemstone to be a treasure of mermaids and mascot of sailors, which brought protection, good fortune and blessing from their sea goddesses. Besides reflecting stunning brilliance, aquamarines vary in blue shades, rendering immense happiness to the one worn.


One of the most noteworthy benefits donning aquamarine jewelry calls for clear and spontaneous communication. Well-associated with ‘Throat Chakra,’ the gemstone helps students and teachers shed their inhibitions while presenting on stage. Aquamarine simmers down fear of audience and stage fright, while allowing clarity to orators. These gentle crystals also enhance social interaction and communication among family and friends.


Metaphysically, aquamarine birthstone jewelry is believed to be an excellent source for healing breath, respiratory, sinus, coughing, sore throat, skin diseases, nervous spasms, and heart and blood disorder issues. Additionally, it is indeed a wonderful stone for meditation and contemplation, which thereby embodies physical growth and stamina.


Wearing aquamarine around your neck, ears or fingers contributes to emotional well-being. Experts believe the classiness and elegance levels invoke a sense of spiritual understanding, emotional balance and tremendous courage. These shades of blue connect you to the sea and sky, effectively pacifying your anger in rough times and bring about tranquility. Its cleansing energy assists in adapting to transitional and environmental changes, and inspiring honesty in your life. Fusing aquamarines with other gemstones such as blue topaz can boost powers.


Treat yourself with a sparkling aquamarine this month. With an ample collection Angara has to offer, there is no reason to treat yourself or others. In fact, no woman can resist the magical attraction of soothing gem manifestations.

Share your experiences with aquamarine sparklers. We wish Happy Birthday and provide blessings to March babies, and look forward to hearing from you.

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