Happy birthday to all January babies! Born in the first month of Georgian calendar, you are indeed born-leaders. Saturn is the ruling planet of the month, which inspires you to stand as a ruler wherever you go. Ambition and diligence are the traits that contribute to dynamic personalities.


January-born people are believed to be vibrant and zestful, possessing a blazing fire within them. Associating with this passion, deep red is regarded a lucky color for Capricorns. Red is the color of extremes, which symbolizes passion, love, power and religion. Along with lucky color and lucky number, there are birthstones linked with each month of the year. Thus, this auspicious red chooses Garnet to be the official birthstone of January.

Revered as a stone of stability, purity, and regeneration, garnet is a group of silicate minerals that exhibit a glassy appearance. This meaningful gem is usually found in intense red and brownish-red tints, and resembles blood-red seeds of a pomegranate.


With each birthstone comes its mystical significance, which leads to several benefits of donning it. Likewise, one of the strongest aspects of a garnet bling is its capacity of healing physical wounds and spinal and cellular disorders. In medieval times, this fiery sparkler was highly valued as a blood-purifier and incredible therapist to cardiovascular problems and other related diseases. They have been donned for cleansing the mind, body and inner-self, since ages. Further, it is an excellent regenerator of DNA and reenergizes the blood, lungs, and heart.

Not only physical, but glittering garnets also add to emotional well-being of the wearer. It takes care of love relationships and brings true friendship in the life of January babies. Garnet’s virtues are said to carry success, devotion, energy, consistency, and faith. The stone helps the person to know inner-self, resulting into spiritual enlightenment. Perhaps the most significant benefit of the gem is its guarding ability. It protects the owner from ill thoughts and malicious incidents, and helps overcoming depression. By and large, the blush of garnets engenders peace, courage, and optimism.


Except for deep red, you can find garnet in varying colors such as orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, etc. Wish for a healthy and wealthy life of your January-born sweetheart by giving away a garnet jewelry piece as a present. Certainly, this will let you enjoy a reliable and eternal relation with her. Interestingly, elegant garnet jewelry is the perfect gift to celebrate two years of blissful wedding life.


    1. Thank you Hus! It’s amazing how many beautiful shades of red there are, and how many metaphysical properties of them exist. Although, considered substitutes of rubies, they are incredible in their own way, truly “a must have”. You have great taste.

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