A giant emerald, weighing 794 pounds and measuring 4.3 feet, has been discovered at the Carnaiba Mine in Brazil’s north-eastern state of Bahia.

According to Paulo Santana from Brazil’s National Mineral Production Department, this huge stone was found by miners of the Bahia Mineral Co-operative, about 20 days ago. It was located around 656 feet below the surface of the mine.

After its discovery, this stone was sold to a miner from that region, who hasn’t revealed his identity or the purchase amount due to security reasons. The buyer’s lawyer Marcio Jandir revealed that his client plans to exhibit the emerald in libraries and museums.

The Brazilian state of Bahia is known for mineral exploration. This extraordinarily huge emerald is the second major stone found in this area. The first one – Emerald Bahia, found in 2001, is valued at around $928m.

The Bahia emerald was moved from Brazil to the United States, after which various attempts were made to sell it. For several years, the stone was the subject of a legal dispute between the American and Brazilian governments. However, in 2015 it was decided that the Bahia emerald would remain in the United States.

Brazil is regarded to be one of the world’s largest producers of emerald. Most of Brazil’s emeralds come from the state of Minas Gerias. Brazilian emeralds exhibit impressive color and good transparency, which make them quite popular among gemstone lovers from around the globe.

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