Mixing one’s wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.” Similarly, mixing vintage and modern styles has given birth to a unique genre. Though, fashion changes every now and then, mixing and matching is one of the most favored and successful trends within the jewelry sector.

More specifically, pairing up new and classic designs has gained popularity. However, to make this fusion a success, maintaining a sense of balance between these two styles is important. Certainly, coherence and creativity arise when frequently experimenting. Let’s make it easier and give you more ways of mixing and matching; here are a few inspiring ideas and products from Angara you can flaunt for a more glamorous appeal:


Embroidery on plain wedding bands: In ancient times, brides and grooms exchanged plain metal wedding rings. Since then, tools and modern technology have brought creativity into our hearts. Designers have given a little twist to once accepted plainness by adding embroidery on the surface of a simple metal band. This presents and provided an opening for perfect combinations of classic and modern designs. You can buy such exclusive ring pieces from Angara at direct source discounted prices and great value. They handcraft all of their jewelry in-house, so they can personalize your jewelry and exceed your expectations. Further, here are some of the most customer liked examples you may find impressive:


Floral patterns in unique shapes: Incorporating floral pattern in jewelry has been popular for some time, including the famous Diana Ring. However, the design has made a remarkable resurgence in recent years. Combining flower or leaf-like designs, with modern shapes of stones such as square, make an eye-catching statement, and may often be affiliated with nature. Take a look at the below strikingly beautiful blue sapphire studs. Giving them as a gift to your friend, mother or cousin can bring lots of love, hugs and kisses to you:


Stacking gold with diamond bracelets: Yellow gold is considered a timeless and traditional metal type. Although, a diamond is not a newcomer, they’ve made a significant impact on modern diamond bracelet designs. For a mix-and-match style, you can stack simple gold bangle and stylish diamond bracelets on your hand, either alternatively or more distinctively. Here are some elegant pieces, hand-picked by Angara and popularly by Angara customers:


You may be aware of more mix and match antique and voguish jewelry styles. Share your ideas and tell us how artistic you can become. We will be glad to see your creative talent come to life.

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