Marilyn Monroe is well known for “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Once upon a time, only a handful of celebrities owned the most expensive diamond rings, which became trendsetters. Although, classics never fade away, times have certainly changed.


These days, if a ring tops the chart of most expensive rings one day, the very next day its value depreciates because some other ring outbids. In simple terms, one day we are mesmerized by a celebrity ring worth $500,000, and the very next day, our attention is taken away by a ring worth $8 Million.

These diamond engagement rings have made their permanent mark in history. Let’s look at the recent most popular and expensive diamond engagement rings:


Angelina Jolie: Presented by Brad Pitt, Jolie’s large e-ring is valued at half Million. The 10-carat ring sits perfectly on her finger.


Jennifer Aniston: Proposed by Justin Theroux, her ring also weights 10 carats, but costs twice, $1 Million.


Kim Kardashian: Kris Humphries presented his lady love with an engagement ring worth $2 Million, weighing an incredible 16.2 carats.


Jacqueline Kennedy: Fiancé Aristotle Onassis expressed his deep love with a massive ring weighing 40 carats, costing $2.6 Million.


Grace Kelly: Her $4.06 Million ring adorned her sophistication and beauty when Prince Rainer III of Monaco presented her a 10.47 carat engagement ring.


Beyoncé: Fiancé Jay Z chose a whopping 18-carat diamond ring for his singing star. This ring is estimated to be $5 Million.


Kim Kardashian: Kanye West surely broke all records. He showed the world how much he loves her with his proposal. His e-ring to Kim weighs an impressive 15 carats, and rumored to be around $8 Million.

Elizabeth Taylor: No ring has come within reach to Taylor’s exquisite and elegant ring, given by fiancé Richard Burton. Weighing a surprising 33.19 carats, her ring appraised at $8.8 Million at the time.


We are in awe by these expensive diamond sparklers. Which ring is your favorite? Share with us your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

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