Prized royal possession for centuries, pearls of exceptional quality and luster were famously called ‘ideal pearls’ during feudalism. This June birthstone has conjured because of it’s unsurpassed beauty and rarity. Pearls from royal vaults have always been a favorite for collectors, and famous pearl jewelry received unimaginable praise and value.


Today, pearls are considered as one of the most classic gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and many occasions. Interestingly, during ancient times, pearl jewelry showcased power and wealth. For pearl enthusiasts and June birthdays, we have an assorted list of most famous royal pearl jewelry:

Baroda Pearls


Historically, vaults of Indian Kings have always created great curiosity and mystery. They were abode of world’s finest gemstones, including pearls. One of many famous gemstones from the Royal state of Baroda was a seven-stranded Baroda Pearls necklace. Incomparable at many levels, this is a supreme example of Indian Royalty’s ‘Ideal Pearls’ collection. Surprisingly, at one point in time, India was the richest country worldwide, because of their royal gemstone and jewelry collection. Showcasing exceptional quality and rarity, Baroda was a masterpiece, owned by Maharaja of Baroda, Khande Rao Gaekwar during 19th Century. With perfectly matched and graduating natural pearls of exceptional luminescence and elegance, her necklace was a prized possession for several upcoming generations.


More recently, a two strand pearl necklace crafted using most perfect and largest pearls from fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rows of original piece. This exquisite jewelry was auctioned at Christie’s for $7.1 Million. This specific pearl suit also includes a pair of pearl and diamond earrings, a brooch and a ring, all of which, impeccably matched for color, luster, shape and size.

Duchess of Windsor


Another astounding royal jewel on our list is an extraordinarily beautiful pearl necklace from Duchess of Windsor’s imperial collection. This natural pearl and diamond necklace from Cartier was a gift for Duke of Windsor from his mother, Queen Mary. Perfect example of a luxurious life exclusively lived by royalty, Duchess of Winsor necklace features 28 natural pearls finished with an oval clasp accentuated with two emerald-cut diamond and two fancy diamonds. In addition, a slightly baroque large pearl and diamond pendant attached. This ultra-glamorous necklace sold at Sotheby’s for $4.28 Million.

Marie Antoinette/ Barbara Hutton


Originally belonged to Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of King Louis XVI of France, this necklace brought great historical significance, and later possessed by Barbara Hutton, granddaughter of Woolworth department store magnate. A wedding gift from her parents, this necklace with profound luster and unmatched quality was rumored to have cost him $1,000,000 in 1933. Later, Christie’s auctioned this astonishing necklace of 41 graduated natural pearls for $1.6 Million.

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Hope you have enjoyed our three-part famous pearl jewelry postings for June. For your convenience, here are links to our previous posts: Most Famous Pearl Jewelry and Most Famous Pearl Jewelry 2.Please let us know your thoughts about these most famous pearl jewelry works of art below.


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