”A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” When Coco Chanel made her enthusiastic statement, she confidently knew the power of pearls. These organic jewels have inspired people for ages with their timeless appeal, elegant beauty and exceptional luster. Symbolizing wisdom and good luck, pearls have been treasured since antiquity.


One of the world’s oldest phenomenon, this fortune from the sea is a must have in every jewelry collection. Whether a birthday, an anniversary or a special milestone, pearl jewelry makes an impressive and everlasting gift. Thoughtful choices for bridal jewelry, pearls are formed from living organisms. Whereas, gemstones are natural minerals formed deep inside the earth.

June, commonly associated with pearl jewelry, is a perfect time to admire and cherish iconic pearls known to humanity. A remarkable reminder of pearls in history, these royalty and celebrity favorites will make your upcoming pearl jewelry shopping experience more inspiring with inspiration:

La Peregrina


‘The Pligrim’ or ‘Wanderer’ in Spanish, La Peregrina is one of the most celebrated pearls in history. Found in 1500 in Gulf of Panama, this unique pearl weighed 203.8 grains. This vibrant pearl is known for its massive size, perfect shape and bright white color.

La Peregrina is just one of most traveled pearls of all time. This journey began from a slave who gained his freedom through its discovery, then nomadic from owner to owner. First, King Phillip II of Spain presented La Peregrina to his new bride, Queen Mary of Spain. Next, the reflective pearl travelled to Queen Margaret. Then, Josephine Bonaparte. Finally, British Marquess of Abercorn acquired the fine quality natural pearl.

In 1969, actor Richard Burton purchased this exceptional pearl for $37,000for his beloved wife Elizabeth Taylor. After Taylor’s death, Christie’s Auction sold this century old pearl in 2011 for a staggering $11 Million.

The Hope Pearl

Once owned by Henry Philip Hope, one-time owner of famous Hope Diamond, this extraordinary pearl weighed 1,800 grains (or 450 carats), and is the largest known natural saltwater pearl in history.

The Hope Pearl is a white, baroque pearl with a measurement of 2×4 inches. It has a greenish-gold tone on the wider end and white on the narrower side. This unique pearl has a very attractive mounting. It’s caped with an arched crown of red enameled gold studded with sparkling diamonds, emeralds and rubies. The stone presently resides at the British Museum of Natural History.

The Big Pink Pearl

This baroque pearl, with a weight of 470 carats, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for remaining the largest natural abalone pearl ever found. The Big Pink Pearl was discovered by a Californian diver in 1990 and is valued at $4.7 Million.

These one-of-a-kind pearls will continue to intrigue jewelry lovers worldwide. We have more famous pearls from history that will definitely enchant and inspire you. Therefore, stay tuned with us to enjoy the everlasting glamour of pearls to come.

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