Have you ever thought colorful and lustrous gemstones have more power than a sparkling effect? Most of us may not have thought in that direction. However, our ancestors did and were well aware about the mystical properties and healing powers of gemstones.


Let us have a deeper look at our favorite gemstones and how they influence our lives:


The forever brilliant stones are most commonly referred to as a girl’s best friend. You can never go wrong in presenting diamond jewelry to your beloved. Besides beautifying her, diamonds are said to bring positive energy and strength to the owner. It is believed to safeguard the owner from thefts, snakes and poison. Additionally, these gemstones are a symbol of perfection due to its indestructibility and pure carbon composition. Diamonds were talisman of Julius Caesar, Louis VI and Napoléon. Derived from a Greek word ‘Adamas’, diamonds are one of the most valuable gemstones of royalty and kingdoms. ‘Koh-I-Noor’ diamond from India (now located in United Kingdom) can be rightly said to be the most popular diamond in history.


The deep blue hue of sapphires has long been associated with royalty. These gorgeous blue stones bring luck and power. Ancient Persians considered blue sapphires to be chips from pedestal that support earth, and their color reflection formed the sky’s color. The gemstone is said to help maintain proper functioning of the owner’s nervous system. It has power to bounce back negative energies. King Solomon and Abraham wore sapphire talisman. The sapphire and diamond engagement ring of Lady Diana needs no introduction, and is considered the most famous of all.


The fiery red color of ruby gemstone is a major attraction. Velvety rubies are considered the first choice for love, romance and passion. Since ancient times, a ruby gemstone is known to bestow love, energy, power, passion and zest for life. Due to its deep red color, rubies are associated with blood and helps in proper blood circulation within the body. Queen Elizabeth II is fond of gemstone jewelry. The Burmese ruby and diamond tiara of Queen Mother has been popular throughout history and even today. Jessica Simpson, our darling Hollywood actress, is another A-list name for ardent lovers of rubies.


Officially, the gemstone of luck and prosperity, Emerald is said to enhance one’s wallet. It has been said that if lovers exchanged emerald rings, their relationship becomes strong and their gemstone will shine eternally with luster. However, if the heart of the owner wanders, the emerald will lose its luster and become a pale green color. Emeralds are even believed to cure skin problems. The famous emerald and diamond necklace of Elizabeth Taylor continues to allure the hearts of women around the world.

Tell us what you think. What is your favorite gemstone, and why? We’d like to hear from you.


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