A diamond engagement ring is a perfect gift for a bride-to-be. Diamond is the most precious choice for engagement rings. It is also the hardest stone and therefore can be cut into any regular or fancy shape. The shape of a diamond is one of the four quality measuring parameters along with the color, clarity and carat.

There are different types of cuts available for diamonds. Round brilliant, oval, cushion, pear, Asscher cut, princess cut, emerald cut are the most popular diamond cuts. As these shapes exhibit maximum radiance and beauty of diamond so are very much liked by celebrities.

Diamond shape is a critical cost and quality deciding factor of engagement rings. So before picking up a diamond engagement ring, it’s important to understand the most popular diamond shapes. It will help you in choosing the right ring for your loved one and will surely be the best piece of eternal joy.

Round Cut :

Round cut also known as brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape. A round brilliant diamond has a total of 58 facets including 33 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion part. Round diamonds are the most expensive ones due to high skilled craftsmanship. Also the lost of few carats during the cutting process is another reason of its high cost.

An ideal round brilliant diamond displays exceptional sparkle and beauty. These may be the few attributes that have attracted Britney Spears, Natalia Portman, Nicole Richie and many other divas who have round cut center diamond engagement ring.

Asscher Cut:

An Asscher cut diamond ring is an elegant alternative to the more traditional diamond engagement rings. Created by Asscher Brothers in 1902, an Asscher cut is a characteristic square emerald cut with wide cropped corners, high crown, small table, deep bulging pavilion and a wide windmill reflection. A diamond with at least H color and VS2 clarity is recommended for this cut.

With celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Ashlee Simpson have opted for an Asscher cut diamond engagement rings, the shape is becoming highly fashionable.

Emerald Cut:

An emerald-cut is another famous diamond cut highly recommended for engagement rings. Unlike brilliant cut, emerald cut diamond shows less brilliance and dispersion because of the angle, size and shape of the facets. It is a step cut with rows of facets where 25 facets are on each crown and pavilion side and 8 are on girdle.

Rectangular emerald-cut diamonds are more popular then square ones. The facets resemble a staircase and act like mirrors with less reflection and refraction than brilliant cuts. Better color and clarity diamonds are required for emerald cut as it acts like an unobstructed window with clear visibility.

The graceful staircase appearance of emerald cut diamond rings has made them the favorite of starlets like Beyonce, Kate Beckinsale and Kristen Bell.

Oval Cut:

An oval cut is a modified round brilliant shape with standard 58 facet brilliant pattern. Oval cut diamonds also have huge demand for engagement rings and therefore have relatively higher prices.

An even, well rounded oval diamond with minimal bow-tie effect is perfect for an engagement ring. Like Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum and Salam Hayek if you are also looking for maximum brilliance in the same carat weight of a round cut then an oval diamond engagement ring is an excellent option.

By understanding these best selling diamond shapes you can shop for a desired diamond engagement ring in a better manner. Have a Happy and Brilliant Shopping!

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