We all look forward when the ball drops at Times Square and we welcome New Year with our family and friends. New Year celebration indeed comprises of partying until wee hours and letting your hair down and letting loose, but it’s also about making your loved ones feel special. This year, you have to make sure they start their new year with love and sparkling surprises. Our gift guide for this special day will ease your task of gift hunting this year:

1. Bracelet – For Mom


A hand that guided and taught you most precious lessons in life needs a special treatment. Give your mom a diamond bracelet, one which is as classic and sophisticated as her. Show her how much she means to you.

2. Pendant – For Your Fiancé/Girlfriend


Love is best expressed in jewelry form. A heart shaped pendant necklace can be a perfect present to make her feel special in many ways. Whether a promise of love or a forever bond, a pendant necklace makes a romantic gesture.

3. Earrings – For Your Sister


A best friend and your ardent supporter, a sister plays many roles in our lives. Make her New Year more than just a day of celebration. Surprising with a vibrant pair of earrings will surely bring a smile on her face, a moment she will cherish forever.

4. Ring – For Your Wife


Complementing her engagement ring with a memorable wedding band or fashion statement ring is an epitome of true love, a present which will stay close to her heart forever.

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    1. Hello SwankyKart!

      First, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. Other than creating a romantic ambiance, jewelry (or jewellery) is a beautiful way to make your holidays light up with your loved one. Jewelry is a sentimental way to reconcile or create new beginnings, especially when bringing her item into the New Year’s. They are a great way to show a loved one, family members or friends, express your appreciation and love. Additionally, jewelry can be an inspiration in one’s toughest moments in life. More interestingly, jewelry is not only meant for others, but also yourself. Sometimes you want to pamper yourself (or others) because you deserve the best or achieved a great new goal in life. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment! 🙂

    2. SwankyKart,

      In order to come up with this great gift ideas list, we receive a great amount of research and inspiration, including from our consumers. We hope these great gift ideas helped you in finding the right gift. Absolutely, jewellery (or jewelry) changes your future, but also your present. Jewellery makes one feel beautiful, confident and a sense of achievement. Thanks again for your comment. Best of luck in your search.

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