In a first of 46 years of history, the New York Fashion Show featured an only larger size models show. Sweet 16 had a new meaning altogether. The audience rose to its feet for a standing ovation, which included Gabourey Sidibe, the star of Precious. This is being hailed as an inspirational move towards body sizes that have been marginalized over the past years by waif thin models.

I sure am glad that all the obsession and related images which interfered with many women’s happiness has finally begun to be eased out of the door.

The show paraded clothes from American fashion label, which caters for women a UK size 16 and up, to prove “curvy women are equally as beautiful and as fashionable”. The show’s organizer said: “It’s simply about time that fashion speaks to all women. It is the first time that women can look around and say “I can wear that.” Here are some fabulous sapphire earrings, which make you say ‘I can wear those!’

The production, which was appropriately themed “Belle Epoque” – literally meaning beautiful era; showcased the latest and greatest looks for the plus-size population. A designer with the company, Galina Monaco added that we are currently living through a ‘new golden age’ of plus-size fashion.

‘Befitting our collection, elements of Belle Epoque are present with touches of feminine lace, rich drapery, decorative florals and, of course, the gilded shine of slight sequin embellishment,’ she said.

Models Lizzie Miller and Toccara Jones were among the most prominent names on the catwalk
Although the show was not linked to any of the major fashion houses, it is indicative of the growing prominence of plus-size models and an inclination towards the body type. It is noteworthy that other top designers, including Marc Jacobs and Prada, included fuller-figured women in their shows for autumn this year and Mark Fast used size 12 and 14 models.

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