The month of October has as its birthstone a gemstone which the Romans regarded as second only to emeralds. Opal is commonly believed to be a white gemstone with iridescent flashes. However, it comes in different kinds such as fire opal which is a red to orange combination. The precious opal has a rainbow iridescence, which changes with change in angle of observation. There is also a milky opal and a rare black opal, which is dark gray or dark blue-green. True black is very rare. Maximum numbers of all fine opals come from Australia, but some are also found in New South Wales, Japan and Brazil.

The only drawback with opals is that they are a soft stone, and need to be worn close to the skin on a regular basis. The two together is not a very happy alliance, for daily wear requires a hard gemstone that should be durable. A durable gemstone like ruby is far better for daily wear. Next only to diamonds in hardness, rubies are perfect for that fire in a gemstone which fire opals display. Naturally, rubies don’t have the characteristic iridescence of opals, but quality rubies exhibit pleochroism, which is far more subtle. Lab created rubies are the more affordable alternative, if need be. Click for top quality ruby jewelry. Don’t miss the easypay option( three easy installments) on ruby rings.

And while we are looking at harder gemstones, remember that no gemstones compares in hardness to diamonds. If it is a good quality diamond, you have something better than an iridescent opal, you have a fluorescent diamond. This is to be seen to know the romance of diamonds. Click on image below for new arrivals in diamond jewelry.

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