The famous and fortunate have always had a tendency to indulge in gemstones and jewels that make a statement on their personality, fashion sense and social status. Opal is one such gemstone that has been endorsed by famous celebrities time and again, through the ages.

Opal: The rainbow gemstone

This is a beautiful, crystalline gemstone that is formed when silica gel hardens into the crevasses of sedimentary rocks. This gemstone has some very rare features that set it apart from others. It displays a unique contrast, by playing with the light source and radiating a luminescent glow that tantalizes people. Opals literally mean “change of colors”, as these stones display the mesmerizing interplay of the colors green, red and blue with shifting light sources. Change the angle of light on this stone and get enthralled by the rainbow lighting effects that it displays. The myriad display of colors attracts people to this beautiful gemstone which is also quite expensive. Opals can be worn in the form of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings, studded on white and yellow gold. It has been sought after by a long list of celebrities, due to its unique look and astrological properties of enhancing luck and improving fortune.

Opal as a birthstone

Oval-Cabochon-Opal-Split-Shank-Ring-with-DiamondOpal is the official birthstone of people born in the month of October. It is said to bring good luck, fidelity and a sense of confidence. Opals have captured the gaze and attention of millions across the world, many of whom are notable celebrities in various fields. This gemstone is considered a fortune stone by many and a harbinger or good luck. Besides these astrological properties, the beauty and renown of opals has attracted the attention of men and women alike. Most celebrities who have remained faithful to this stone have reaped enormous benefits, both in their personal and professional careers.

Famous opal lovers

  • Hollywood heart-throb Elizabeth Taylor was an ardent fan of opals and bought opal jewelry not only for herself, but gifted opal sets to her mother as well. Like mother, like daughter, both undoubtedly had good taste!

  • Andy Warhol was another opal fan and his artistic eccentricities took opal to a new level, when he displayed his enormous collection of opals in an exhibition in 1977 at the ICA in London. Through his portrayal at this exhibition, he tried to bring out the fantastic play of colors that is seen in this unique gemstone, calling opal a “rainbow gem”.

  • Opals have been historically sought after, with even the likes of the great Mark Antony and his beloved Queen Cleopatra. It is said that Mark Antony was so entranced by the moving lights within this stone, that he coveted it for a gift for Cleopatra.

  • Sarah Bernhardt is another famous actress, who stole the hearts and parts of many a talented actor in her time. While highly esteemed in her circle of peers and relatives, she had always displayed affection for this beautiful stone and wore it to all major events. She is famous for her customized bracelet that was set with opals and rubies. It is said that opals, being her birthstone brought her great fame and fortune.

  • The king of rock and roll, the timeless and infamous Elvis Presley adored this gemstone and displayed this affection by wearing, at all times a huge 14 karat opal ring, which was set in gold and diamonds.

  • Queen Elizabeth II was presented a beautiful opal necklace by the Australian authorities when she visited Australia in 1954. This opal necklace was adorned with a 238 karat unique opal variety that simultaneously displayed the inter-play of green, red and blue colors. A gift of diplomacy has never been this beautiful!

  • For billionaire industrialist John Rockefeller, opals were a source of inspiration, and during his long industrious career he had acquired quite a few gemstones, out of which, opals were his favorite. It is said that he had paid a whopping 75,000 pounds to acquire the infamous opal “Fire Queen” for his collection of gemstones and jewelry. This gemstone is said to have brought him immense fortune, as is clearly visible from his achievements as an industrialist who established Standard Oil and a world renowned philanthropist.

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