Queen Elizabeth II has completed 60 years on the throne. The Diamond Jubilee celebration was held recently to mark this historic moment in her life. It was a four month celebration that came to an end with a river ride and musical events that lasted for four days.

The Queen and other royals were at their glamorous best as expected. The Queen, Duchesses and the Princesses were seen in beautiful summer colors in almost all the events. Their designer attires and hats were all so pleasing that it seemed that summer cannot be more colorful. Interestingly, often, Her Majesty and the other royal ladies were seen in pearls.

If you were following the events, then it is possible that you have noticed the three string pearl necklace that Her Majesty wore on many occasions during the Jubilee celebrations. In fact, Duchess Camilla, Duchess Catherine and the Princess Royal were also seen wearing pearls.

The grand celebrations were held in the month of June. It seems that pearl was chosen because it is the birthstone for the month June. The royals wanted to be seen wearing something that was apt for this time of the year. Of course, the pearls they wore made them look stunning. These organic gemstones did complete justice by making them look more beautiful.

Pearls are organic gemstones – they are absolute beauties. But they are not the only organic gems in use. In fact, there are many of them.

Pearls are made by living organisms. Mollusk like oysters secret several layers of minerals to satisfy the irritation caused by any foreign particle that enters the animal’s shell by accident. This secretion in time turns into a solid structure, and that is the pearl for you.

Corals are polyps that live in colonies. As older corals die, they become hard, much like stones. New corals come up on top of them. You will find corals in many colors and types. They look stunning too.

Fossilized organic gemstones were once living tissues that got changed by natural forces over time. Amber, jet and ammolite are fossilized gems. However, only amber is used in jewelry, as the others are extremely fragile and rare.

Amber is actually the fossilized resin of pine trees from 50 million years in the past. They come in various colors. Amber is mostly used in creative jewelry and collectables.

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