It’s time to include Marsala, a red wine color, in your latest wardrobe collection. Named for Italy’s most famous version of fortified wine, Marsala has been announced as “Pantone Color of the Year 2015”. This hue is a softer and understated deviation to blood-red, also known as pigeon’s blood, relating to the richness of tropical landscapes. Marsala is indeed a superb selection as we step towards the gentle beauty of spring season, which demands pastel colors and festive delights.


From feminine floral prints to elegant accessories, this flavorsome tone enthralls the attention of both men and women. You can very well include the classiness of Marsala in apparels, jewelry, shoes, makeup, nail polish, kitchen furnishings, and other home décors. The color not only blends well with glossy and matte finishes, but also textured surfaces. Displaying neither too bright, nor too pale, Marsala is the perfect mixture of varying red shades, integrated in springtime collections.


The elegance and urbanity of this lovely red allows you to make a charming statement with your jewelry. Ruby and garnet stunners are ideal choices to incorporate Marsala into your wardrobe. However, if not the exact shade, ruby and garnet gemstones make fabulous substitutes to this grounded hue.

Further, red-toned jewelry is a ‘go-to’ gift for this Valentine’s season as it expresses heartfelt emotions, and presents ardency and tenderness. Choosing garnet bling will be a thoughtful for those born in January (birthstone), yet remain fashionable for flaunting. Likewise, precious natural ruby is the symbol of love, romance and passion. You can also opt for designer rose gold and tourmaline charms, matching them with your Marsala outfits.


One of the most striking features of this pastel color is its contrasting ability. Marsala complements well with all skin tones and other sparkling and pastel shades. Shop now for Marsala-inspired jewelry, and present tasteful jewelry for this upcoming year. It’s not too late.

Share your thoughts on Marsala. Do you feel Marsala deserves to be “Color of the Year.” Tell us some more ways of including the shade in your attire and fashion accessories.

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