Versatile and lustrous, pearls have never ceased to fascinate jewelry lovers from around the globe. This awe-inspiring treasure from the sea has been a beloved of royals as well as fashion icons. Traditionally regarded as the birthstone for the month of June, this timeless beauty is often associated with glamour and affluence. Pearls never fail to draw the eye and are a must-have in every jewelry box, irrespective of whether you are a June born or not.


Wondering where the stunning pearls come from? This is one question that has evoked many interesting stories over several centuries. The Chinese believed that pearls originated in a dragon’s brain, while Arabs and ancient Romans assumed that these gems were the tears of gods. Some other stories state that mollusks created pearls from dew drops.

Now let’s talk about the actual process that leads to the birth of a pearl. Pearls are organic gems that are created when a foreign body or a dust particle lodges itself within the shell of a mussel or oyster. To ease the irritant, the oyster begins to deposit layers of nacre over it, thereby resulting in the formation of a natural pearl. Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are created when technicians implant an irritant in the mollusk. Just like what happens with a natural pearl, the mollusk begins to cover the irritant with nacre.

Most of the pearls sold today are cultured pearls. The different types of cultured pearls available are – Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater. Cultured pearls come in various colors such as white, black, golden and more. White pearls are essentially classic and graceful, while the black ones exude an aura of mystery and sophistication. Golden-hued pearls, with their luminous glow and rich tone, embody ultimate luxury and opulence.

It’s June and there couldn’t be a better time than now to flaunt these beauties or expand your pearl jewelry collection. The occasions to wear the charming pearls are truly limitless and their feminine allure is definitely unparalleled. Talking about pearl jewelry essentials, we must say that a classic pearl ring, luminous pearl pendant accented with diamonds, glorious strand of pearls, pearl studs and pearl drop earrings are the basics of any everlasting wardrobe.

Angara’s collection of pearl jewelry is wide enough to suit every style and budget. There are rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and more adorned with white, black and golden pearls. The options in pearl types include Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater. View our gorgeous collection right away to pick a thoughtful gift for a July born or simply indulge yourself in the beauty of lustrous pearls.

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