As August marches the summer, all August born, go for greens. Birthstone for the month of August, Peridot is also known as ‘evening emerald’. Possibly the most soothing of colors, green is that one particular gift of nature which soothes tirelessly and brings a sense of tranquility and peace.

Going back in History, you have the Egyptians and the Romans using peridots in jewelry. After reasonable obscurity, peridot has again come to fore as recently as 1900s. The most striking feature of this stone is that it does not change color even with change of light, something that even rubies and sapphires cannot boast of. The peridot is a healthy variant in green gemstones like jadeite, green tourmaline, tsavorite garnet and the exquisite emeralds. Hailed as pistachio to olive green in color, peridot romances many a heart.

Personally, I looked for green gemstones that are there on earth, and settled for the exclusive emeralds.

At first, I was daunted by the thought of what an emerald could cost. But my preconceptions came tumbling down as I researched and discovered that depending upon the features of emeralds and the variations found therein, emeralds are easily accessible to my meager self as well.

The most significant feature in emeralds is the color. All other aspects pale in comparison when you have ‘the right’ color of emerald. Due to their inherent crystal structure, emeralds are known to be flawed (to have inclusions), and it is very rare to find a large, clear emerald.

At Angara, besides lab created emeralds that I just drool over, there are qualities categorized as ‘good, better and best’. The variations in features of emeralds make for these classes. Lab created emeralds are exactly identical in composition to natural emeralds, only that they have been created in laboratories, in processes that simulate the deep earth conditions. This is what makes Angara the perfect gemstone destination, because the practice is to cater to every segment of society, and to apprise the customer of the exact quality of the gemstone they are choosing.

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