Your best friend’s words are inspirational, remaining close to your heart. Do you want to preserve his (or her) words in a more meaningful way?


It’s been said wonderful words of love and/or wisdom become part of us when engraved and inscribed on jewelry. Although love and friendship can be expressed n several ways, jewelry has been a personal and even intimate way to celebrate appreciation and love. Adding a personal element to your jewelry creates a meaningful story behind your jewelry, and connects unforgettable memories. Certainly, your gemstone jewelry becomes a keepsake treasure from someone close to your heart.


Eve tiny initials of her name can stir up her emotions and moods. Women customize their necklaces by imprinting the name of their spouse or beau on gold, silver or platinum metal types. A romantic message, name of your partner, symbol, anniversary date, love quote and zodiac sign inscribed on statement pieces are classy expressions of your sentiments.


A more recent trend followed by Hollywood mothers is their child obsessions. Many star moms wear embossed chokers inscribed with initials of their young ones to reveal their motherly love. For example, actress Charlize Theron wears a yellow gold pendant containing the letter ’J’ in honor of her adopted baby boy Jackson. In addition, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon adorns her neckline with two silver discs engraved with names of her twin sons, Jax and Jaid. This Mother’s Day, kids can appreciate their mom’s endeavors, and surprise her with multi-stone engraved necklaces and rings.


Engraved wedding bands can also be epitomes of personalized jewelry, particularly for men. This tradition dates back to pre-historic times when plain gold and silver bands of kings and royal members were engraved with their wedding date. Engraving on the inner side of the band or around the stone creates a vintage stunner. Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston sealed their relation through classic name rings. Finally, Emma Watson was also seen with a two-finger personalized ring that gracefully embellishes last two fingers of her hand.

Give an urban edge to your jewelry and relationship with stunning engraved jewelry. They will bring pleasant memories lasting a lifetime of love and happiness. .

What are the most beautiful engravings you’ve seen? Do you have any inside stories between you and your loved one? Please let us know.

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