Platinum is a precious silvery-white metal that has taken the fashion world by storm. Wearing platinum jewelry is seen as a sign of sophistication and status. The combination of reliability and exceptional beauty has led to a surge in the popularity of platinum jewelry.

Platinum has long been the metal of choice for the world’s most stylish and sophisticated wedding jewelry. According to Conde Nast, publishers of Bride’s, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and Vogue magazines, 81% of American brides desire platinum for their bridal jewelry. But, it isn’t just brides who are captivated by this precious pure white metal.

All of our favorite A-list celebrities are die-hard fans of platinum jewelry. Whether it’s Oscars, Globes, Emmy’s or movie premiers, platinum jewelry can be seen everywhere, adorning the Hollywood divas. What is so special about platinum that makes it the statement jewelry metal on royal roads, runways and red carpets?

Platinum is rare:

Platinum is expensive because it is rare and hard to mine. Platinum is the rarest metal found so far. It is 30 times more rare than gold. . Not only is platinum rare, but as Scaliger’s text points out, it is fairly difficult to mine and separate from other metals that it might be grouped with.

The top producer of platinum with an 80% market share is South Africa, followed by Russia with an 11% share. Deposits are also found in Canada and in America although the reserve is a lot smaller.

Platinum is pure:

It is 95% pure (by comparison 18K gold is 75% pure with 25% alloys). With these figures it becomes a premier choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. The metal is highly adorned by royalty and fashion icons. In fact, since inception platinum has been a coveted choice for fine and elite jewelry.

Platinum is eternal:

When investing in jewelry, everyone wants a strong piece that requires almost no maintenance but always sparkles as a ‘just bought’ bling. Keeping this in mind platinum jewelry is considered the best investment. It is durable and forever. The density of platinum is quite higher; this makes it a hard metal. It is resistant to scratches, tarnish and chemicals. As with all precious metals (Gold, Silver, etc.), Platinum can be scratched. However, with Platinum, there is actually no material lost from the scratch as there is with Gold.

And being naturally hypoallergenic, it is 100% safe for all skin types. So even if someone has any kind of irritation from gold or silver, she can wear platinum bling. Also, platinum’s melting point is almost double that of gold, making it resistant to any sudden shape change. It can therefore more securely and firmly holds a precious stone.

Platinum is shiny, shimmery and silky:

White is the modern favorite as it complements everything in your closet. Platinum jewelry with its gorgeous white shine and silky luster is therefore a trendy pick. Whether it’s an LBD, a floor sweeping radiant red gown, a lacy wedding dress or a winter inspired casual blue outfit, the soft and shimmery touch of platinum jewels can really create a remarkable difference.

Fun facts:

  • Platinum is the rarest, heaviest and purest of the precious metals. All the platinum ever mined would easily fit into an average size living room.
  • Platinum is a naturally white metal so it does not cast any of its own color to a gemstone.
  • Annually, only 133 tons of platinum are mined which is far lesser than average 1,782 tons of gold mined yearly.
  • If platinum ever runs out on Earth, there’s always the moon. It’s been estimated that the moon contains twenty times more platinum than Earth.
  • Once extracted from the earth, process takes up to 2 months, at least, to refine platinum.
  • Also, of all the platinum that is normally sold, major consumption is for that of vehicle emission control devices or catalytic converters, followed by its use for jewelry. Apart from that, it is also used in smaller quantities for electronics, chemical industry, and certain other applications. It’s non-corrosive nature and strength makes it useful for other industries too. Platinum is use to make life-saving pacemakers and anti-cancer drugs.
  • Around two tones of platinum ore are required to make a ring.

In History:

  • While Platinum was known to the pre-Columbian people and discovered by modern man in the 1700’s, it was not possible to produce the metal in quantity or work with it until the advancement of technology in the nineteenth century.
  • Louis XVI of France proclaimed platinum the only metal fit for royalty!
  • When World War II began, the U.S. government declared Platinum a strategic metal and its use in non-military applications, including jewelry, was disallowed.
  • Legendary jewelers such as Cartier, Faberge and Tiffany created their timeless designs in Platinum. he world’s famous diamonds, including the Hope, Jonker I and Koh-I-Noor, are secured by the permanence of Platinum.
  • The coronation crown of Queen Mother and the wedding bands of Duchess and duke of Windsor designed by Cartier were made of platinum.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to eternal marriage vows and is always a rage on the red carpet. It’s time you join the platinum club!


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