Virginia Woolf once said, “Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning.”Metaphorically, this quote directly applies to our most influential celebrity engagement rings. Scrolling through these engagement stunners, we discovered a consistent pattern, halo forever brilliant diamonds. Be it, the vintage Diana ring, recently-engaged Modern Family Star, Sofia Vergara, Carrie Underwood, Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Hudson, all bear a dazzling ring of halo diamonds surrounding a center sparkler.


Aesthetically speaking, halo of diamonds or colored gemstones around a luxurious center piece continues to be the most admired engagement setting among women of all ages. Just like a luminous envelope (mentioned above) guards, and further polishes us in our journey of life, a halo setting guards your center stone, but also demands attention, making the gemstone appear larger and illuminate even more brilliance. Halo engagement rings have been popular since the Victorian era, and have grown exponentially in the 20th century. They turn a traditional solitaire into contemporary and classy. Elevating the center gemstone from their respective prong, bezel, flush or other settings, the gemstone is prevented from coming in contact with harder surfaces.


Similar to the existence of halo style, your relationship becomes brighter and more promising as it fits well with all gemstone shapes (i.e. round, oval, cushion, etc.) and sizes. Surprisingly, pear and heart shapes have transformed ordinary into striking halo engagement rings. While we see round brilliant gemstones are most commonly featured in halo, a vintage-inspired milgrain border ring highlights ultimate uniqueness with an intricate border. Thus, this style offers a more stunning, feminine sparkle.


At Angara, the leading gemstone e-Tailer, you can find a wide range of halo engagement rings. With Angara, you can easily personalize your jewelry, including gemstone type, shape, metal type, and much more.


From vintage, round-brilliant diamond to exclusive cushion-cut tanzanite, there are some jaw-dropping halos accentuating some of the most vivid gemstones. Explore Angara’s elite collection of engagement rings, and tell us your favorite halo piece. What’s your take on halo engagement rings? Share your thoughts, and let us know your favorite stunners. We look forward to hearing from you.

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