A conversation about beauty and elegance can never be complete without the mention of Princess Diana. The world loved her and continues to be in awe of her for many good reasons. Not only was she a flawless embodiment of royalty and sophistication, but also a people’s princess who associated herself with several charitable causes.

Her impeccable sense of style was another factor that frequently received attention and admiration. Even today, she remains an unforgettable source of fashion and jewelry inspiration. In this particular article, we’ll talk about three gemstones that Princess Diana wore with élan and why they will be a wonderful addition to your closet too.


Pearl: Royalty and timelessness go hand in hand; this is the reason why pearls will always remain a favorite among those who wish to exude a classy look. This gem is a rare and priceless gift from nature, and can be flaunted in so many gorgeous ways.


A: Freshwater Cultured Pearl Long Dangle Earrings
B: Graduated Freshwater Cultured Pearl Five Strand Necklace
C: Akoya Cultured Pearl Ring with Diamond Leaf Motifs

Diamond: Here’s a jewel that needs no introduction, it simply makes its presence felt with a brilliance that is unmistakable. To put it more simply, you can never have enough diamonds; we’re certain the royals will agree.


A: Prong-Set Two Stone Diamond Pendant
B: Nature Inspired Round Diamond Vine Band
C: Diamond Stud Earrings with Pear-Shaped Frame

Sapphire: Can a gem personify loyalty, truth and honesty? Yes, a blue sapphire does. This is precisely why it is favored for engagement rings and wedding bands. But there are many more ways to enjoy the magnificence of this royal gem…


A: Blue Sapphire Teardrop Pendant with Diamond
B: Vintage-Inspired Round Blue Sapphire Halo Stud Earrings
C: S Curl Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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