Kate Middleton was seen wearing Princess Diana’s sapphire earrings which were once her favorite jewels and she was often photographed wearing them. The earrings were given to Kate as a gift from Prince William and are a perfect match with the sapphire engagement ring.

These earrings are not the only piece of sapphire jewelry in Diana’s vault. The iconic princess had a lot of expensive and unique jewels in her collection. Like her spell binding personality, her earrings were also very famous and she exactly knew how to carry them with élan.

Let’s have a look at some of her precious and exotic sapphire earrings many of which she had worn only for once and many were her everyday favorites.

One of her most astonishing wedding gifts was a sapphire and diamond suite from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The suite comprised of a sapphire pendant suspended on a diamond tennis necklace, matching earrings, ring, bracelet and a watch. The sapphire earrings in the set like other pieces hold Burmese sapphire surrounded by diamond baguettes in a wavy pattern. The princess used to wear the earrings with the pendant necklace and a sapphire choker.

Another beautiful pair of earrings is made of a single oval sapphire surrounded by 10 diamonds in each earring. A set of double cluster drop earrings was also a noteworthy piece. Each earring in this pair had a top sapphire stud holding a center sapphire with 10 diamonds surrounding it. And sapphire surrounded with 11 diamonds in a drop shape is attached in each piece.

Her sapphire and diamond chandeliers were also a charming part of her earrings collection. The earrings were made from the Saudi Arabian suite watch and were seen only for once on Diana.

Her magnificent collection of jewels also had a pair of sapphire and diamond drop earrings which were different from single and double cluster earrings. This pair of earrings had sapphire cabochons surrounded by 8 diamonds in top stud part and 9 diamonds in bottom drop part. The single diamond in each earring was connecting both the clusters.

Diana’s love for sapphire was famous and her selection of sapphire jewelry for different events was a proof of this. Her round diamond and pear sapphire dangle earrings, sapphire and diamond double half loop earrings and sapphire studs are other pairs from her prestigious sapphire earrings collection.

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