What makes us fall in love with rubies and diamonds? Do we fall in love because of their eternal strength, exclusivity and forever brilliance, or because of their symbolism for love, passion and romance?


As a Burmese ruby ring, weighing 25.59 carats, sold for $30.42 Million sets a world record at a recent Christie’s auction, our hearts gravitate toward magnificence and radiant ruby jewelry. Revered for its scintillating color and brilliance, we present this Diamond Halo Oval Ruby Vintage pendant necklace as our ‘Product of the Week.’ One of Angara’s top most bestsellers from their neckline collection, this vintage-inspired pendant exudes luxury, resplendence and ultimate elegance.

A deeply saturated oval ruby is immaculately accentuated by sparkling white diamonds. Their halo of diamonds is further encrusted with a crossed diamond V-bale, which renders its one-of-a-kind design, praised unconditionally. Serving to the desires of most jewelry enthusiasts, this ravishing ruby and diamond pendant is handcrafted by Angara’s highly skilled professionals, following a standard of perfection.


This year, we experienced an array of awe-inspiring ruby necklaces and pendants at several red carpet events. Recent Cannes Film Festival unrolled stunning ruby and diamond necklaces among its show-stopping jewelry. Your favorite A-list stars have expressed innate fondness for this fiery red gemstone. More importantly, ruby inflames romance and is considered an eternal symbol of passionate love. Admired by most women, this bold red hue is the epitome of fidelity and constancy in a relationship. Nonetheless, ruby pendants are a stately choice for any occasion. Thus, this classy pendant can prove to be a perfect birthday and/or anniversary gift, or simply an expression of love.


At Angara, you have the option of personalizing your jewelry by stone quality, metal type and carat weight. You can wear this exquisite ruby pendant in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. With exclusive offers, quality and value, you can enjoy an additional 15% Off today. Apply GIFTS at checkout to make your purchase more exciting and worthwhile.

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