“And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.” Well said by Beth Revis in Across the Universe. This is a common feeling shared by men fallen in love with their beloved. They’ll go to any extent to express their deepest emotions and love.


When it comes to the ‘holiday of love’, more popularly known as Valentine’s Day, most men plan in advance on how to spend, pamper and soak her with love. If you are considering popping the special question during this festive day, then start preparing today as it’s coming around the corner.


It is a perfect day to propose as romance is in the air and feelings are flourishing. Your beautiful ring will make the night even more memorable as she admires and loves you more, but did you know that is not enough? You need to plan and execute your proposal the way she wants, from beginning to end. Every girl dreams of a magical proposal from her prince charming since childhood. It certainly is your duty to make her childhood dreams come true. Propose to her the way she wants and win her love for life. Just study her personality and preferences, and you are half way there.

Let’s discuss which type of women like what kind of proposal:

1. Gregarious


If she loves the company of others and likes a crowd, you can choose to propose her at a ball game. Make pre-arrangements with event managers and propose to her on a microphone in front of thousands of fans. She will be thrilled and you can see her blush. Another idea can be to ask your favorite movie theatre to run an ad featuring your proposal to her. Make sure you reach there on time for the previews.

2. Homely


If she loves being at home, planning a simpler surprise will be your best option. After she goes to bed, slip your special ring on her finger. Additionally, you can place beautiful red roses all around your bedroom. Some candles here and there will increase the romantic ambiance. She will be pleasantly surprised when she notices fragrance and light when she awakens. The real surprise will follow when she explores the ring on finger.

3. Family Lover


In case your girl likes to be with family and/or friends, you can plan a barbeque party and plan a surprise proposal in front of them. Certainly, the perfect proposal, setting and environment will move her heart!

4. Romantic

If you have a more romantic lady in your life, then take her out. Make sure it’s just the two of you. You can take her to a romantic beach dinner and walk hand in hand along the shorelines afterwards. Long hours of soulful interaction will make her fall for you all over again. Explore the depths of her heart and silently slip the ring on her finger, followed by the famous expression of love.


We hope this blog article helps you plan beautiful proposal. Do you have more exciting Valentine’s Day proposal ideas to share with us? Please share your wonderful proposal story, and let’s create magic this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Ohhh its really really interesting to have this article here. I feeling love with it. Now I have ideas to purpose the one I love. Please wish me luck, so that she will say ” Yes”

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