If you don’t have a bar pendant, you should probably consider investing in one. In this design, the pendant is suspended from a chain and embraces your collar bone or goes lower. You can style it up in numerous ways to suit different occasions. Be it for a date night, a wedding ceremony or a regular day at the office, bar pendant necklaces can’t go wrong. They are versatile and can be worn with any outfit. They are insanely minimalistic yet so impressive. A bar pendant studded with diamonds or colored gemstones gives just the right amount of bling to your look. Modish and urbane, this accessory is trending and here to stay.


A line of diamonds running across the length of a horizontal bar pendant has a lot of sparkles to offer. On the other hand, a single diamond accent prong set on a lustrous metal bar showcases an air of individuality and grabs all the attention towards its solitaire dazzling beauty. Apart from the sleek and straight bars, there are curved bar necklaces for those who like it more feminine and elegant. Their elaborate counterpart is a double bar pendant where the curved bars run across each other.

You simply cannot underestimate this accessory – a vertical bar pendant which can up your glam quotient when paired with your low neckline dresses. It can vary from a thin and refined line of gemstones heading downwards to a set of graduating gems to form a vertical journey pendant. A pearl at the tip of a vertical bar pendant alters the simplistic look into something extravagant. At Angara, you can also customize the vertical pendant with the gemstones that you want to go on it. Play with your favorite colors or choose birthstones of loved ones.

Wear a bar pendant necklace on its own or go for a layered look. Team it with other bar pendants, gemstone pendants and charm pendants or even a lariat necklace in your collection. More the variety, the better it is. You can also choose different metal combinations or gemstones to throw into the mix.

What will you wear your essential bar pendant necklace with – a pair of jeans and a tee, a lacy dress or on a chequered shirt?

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