In honor of aquamarine being birthstone of March, we thought you would like to know about famous aquamarine royal jewelry. We already mentioned Queen Elizabeth II and her majestic aquamarine collection previously. Continuing our discussion on ‘Royal Aquamarine Jewelry’, here are more treasures to admire:

Our March birthstone continues with British Royal Family.

Princess Diana is forever remembered for her unmatched style, exquisite fashion and extravagant jewelry. From her jewelry collection, we may be most familiar with her sapphire and diamond engagement ring, later passed down to Princess Kate Middleton. However, a large emerald-cut aquamarine ring handcrafted by Asprey is another popular piece. Elegance defined, this ring has a luxurious aquamarine complemented by forever-brilliant diamond halo. In order to illuminate maximum light reflection and refraction, Princess Diana’s stunning gemstones are set in24K Yellow Gold.

Lady Di first wore this ring at Christie’s Auction, where 79 of her dresses were sold for charity. Her five-row pearl bracelet with an emerald-cut aquamarine and a diamond flower clasp became the perfect match to her ring. In addition, she also wore a pair of large aquamarine and diamond cluster earrings. Lady Diana greatly admired and loved both her sparkling aquamarine set and sapphire-diamond engagement ring, because she was photographed at several events wearing them repeatedly. Another British Royal with prominent aquamarine jewels is HRH Sophie, Countess of Wessex. Her collection was not as extravagant as the Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Diana, but we cannot help, but praise her aquamarine tiara. She first wore her famous tiara in 2005, during Coronation festivities of Prince Albert II of Monaco. HRH Sophie’s tiara had a large saturated aquamarine mounted in center with shimmering diamonds covering the entire piece. Just as impressive as her tiara, she was able to wear the extravagant piece as a necklace. She also had a matching pair of aquamarine earrings and necklace.

Finally, we have one more notable aquamarine jewelry piece from British Royal House – The Aquamarine Pine Flower Tiara. This remarkably gorgeous Cartier tiara was commissioned by King George VI as an anniversary gift for his wife Queen Elizabeth. Also known as Princess Anne’s Aquamarine Pine Flower Tiara, her tiara is composed of aquamarines and diamonds studded in pinecone motifs that are interspersed with large upright baguette aquamarines and smaller sized diamonds. Queen Mother passed along this tiara to her granddaughter, Princess Anne, The Princess Royal who further modified the piece. It’s large central aquamarine was made into a pendant that Princess Anne seemed to wear as a brooch.


What do you think of these aquamarine jewelry set pieces? Next up in our series of Royal Aquamarine Jewelry will feature pieces from other famous Royal Houses. Stay tuned for more of March birthstone aquamarine jewelry.

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