Continuing our three-part series of aquamarine jewelry, we feature more stunning vintage tiaras and parure from Sweden, Belgium and Netherlands.

We move from Britain to Sweden for another spectacular aquamarine tiara – The Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara. This magnificent jewel has a unique history with a British origin. HRH Crown Princess Margaret of Sweden was first to wear this sparkler. Interestingly, she was also Queen Victoria’s granddaughter. Her father, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s third son. Upon her marriage, Princess Margaret with Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden at Windsor Castle in June 1905 brought this tiara and a matching brooch to Sweden. This tiara has luxurious aquamarines surrounded by large forever-brilliant diamonds in style of a kokoshnik, which is a popular Russian headdress. For that reason, the tiara was named Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara.


She eventually gave this tiara to her son, Prince Gustaf Adolf who presented the tiara to his wife Princess Sibylla. Surprisingly, Princess Sibylla and her husband were second cousins, and she was also of British origin. Princess Sibylla was born as HH Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha. She was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s great-granddaughter through their fourth son Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany. This tiara with an extensive history and surprising British association and cycle, was in the end given to Princess Margaretha, daughter of Princess Sibylla.


From here, we move on to another royal tiara, the Princely House of Ligne in Belgium. Famous Italian actress Isabella Orsini had worn a gorgeous aquamarine and diamond tiara with matching drop earrings. We would especially like to mention about her wedding gown, which has a strong resemblance with Princess Catherine’s wedding gown. Both have lace covered bodice with v-neckline and lace sleeves. However, both brides wore completely different wedding jewelry.


The next royal aquamarine jewelry in our list belongs to Dutch Royal House, who owned some exotic aquamarines. This royal aquamarine collection began in the 1920’s. Most of these aquamarine pieces come from Queen Juliana’s collection. Then, in 1927, Princess Juliana received her first aquamarine jewelry – an art deco tiara highlighting Brazilian aquamarines and diamonds set in platinum from her parents, Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Henry. Her design was especially made for her eighteenth birthday. This tiara has a geometric base of seven square-cut aquamarines with seven large aquamarine briolette drops on top. Dutch jewelers Kempen, Begeer and Vos were the original creators..


Over the years, Princess Juliana’s collection expanded. She received an Edwardian/Belle Époque style aquamarine demi-parure from her grandmother Dowger Queen Emma. Her extended collection consists of a long aquamarine and diamond necklace (a sautoir), which have six square and one rectangular aquamarines studded in three diamond-encrusted platinum strings. Made by Burnier in The Hague, Juliana’s royal piece can be shortened and worn as a bracelet.


In 1937, she received a long necklace with a large pear-shaped aquamarine pendant as a wedding gift from husband, Prince Bernhard. He also surprised her with a cushion-cut aquamarine brooch set in platinum. Her mother-in-law, Queen Armgard presented her two versatile pairs of briolette aquamarine earrings as a wedding gift. Both the base and drops in each pair can be removed and worn interchangeably. Other items in Royal Parure include a larger aquamarine brooch in platinum complimented by halo diamonds and one aquamarine ring.


One of the Houses of Orange-Nassau Foundations purchased this magnificent Aquamarine Parure in 1960. Since this historical piece belongs to the Foundation, it cannot be split into any heirs, and therefore is inherited by the Monarch-only. This unique parure will never leave the Dutch Royal House, and will be equally worn exclusively by royal family members.


We hope you have enjoyed our Royal Aquamarine Jewelry three-part series in honor of aquamarine, the official March birthstone. What do you think of this beautiful gemstone? Tell us how you would like to incorporate this gemstone into your own royal spring collection.

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