Bright reds – scarlet, pillar-box red, crimson or cherry – are very cheerful and youthful. There is certainly a red for everyone,” well said by Christian Dior. The color red correlates with emotions such as love, romance, passion, loyalty, and courage. Considered one of most sought out precious gemstone, ruby exhibits a fiery red hue, filled with deep color saturation and sparkle.  Ruby-Rings-Valentines-Day-Gifts

Since February is dedicated to Valentine’s, we are surrounded by various shades of red. Valentine’s Day is forever synonymous with red, including natural roses and rubies. They are indeed the most valued gifts of true love, especially during weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.


Though ruby’s physical features creates a bond with heartfelt sentiments, do you know the true meaning and mystical properties of this radiant red gemstone? What magical powers does a ruby crystal bestow on its receiver?


Revered as the most powerful gem in the universe, ruby is linked to the Sun and other stellar signs. Thus, it is thought to guard physical and mental health, overcoming exhaustion, sickness, physical disorders, toxic blood, cardiac diseases and fatal wounds. They are known to revitalize energy levels and play a powerful role in recovering health and well-being.

Legend has it that this deep-red sparkler was regarded as the stone of prophecy, and when they turn darker, they imply danger is nearby. Reflecting an intense vivid hue, rubies instill vitality, endurance and resilience.

oval-ruby-and -diamond-halo-earrings

Not only a magical stone for July-born (official birthstone), these red beauties are known to carry good fortune and affluence to all. They boost devotion and concentration of the wearer, maintaining proper balance between your brain and heart. When set in any form, be it a ring, pendant necklace, or earrings, ruby jewelry is said to ward off negative thoughts and evil, malignant spirits. Instead, they allow you to understand yourself internally better and enlighten your spiritual being.


Being a dynamic gemstone, ruby’s blush triggers enthusiasm, leadership, vigor, passion, fidelity and other emotions of love in the owner’s daily life. Further, stunning and gorgeous rubies make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts that bring lovebirds closer. Ruby gemstone jewelry can reignite romance between couples. Natural rubies are adored and well-praised by most women.


This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love with exceptional ruby jewelry from Angara. Tell us your ‘ruby story’ and share pictures of the graceful jewelry gifts you receive.

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