What is the most striking similarity between Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, and Jennifer Lopez? Besides Hollywood A-list celebrities, they all have delineated their love for natural sapphire jewelry! This famous cornflower blue colored gemstone enjoys worldwide recognition and acclamation.


Not only flaunted by these Hollywood stars, sapphire gemstone jewelry was also a signature look for Princess Diana and her prominent sapphire engagement ring, adorns Kate Middleton’s finger today. Birthstone of September, sapphire comes in a rainbow of colors, other than red (Ruby). They are known to showcase elegance and sophistication.

Formation and Colors


Sapphire gemstone belongs to the corundum group, which is known for their excellent hardness – 9 on the Mohs scale (10 being the hardest). It is interesting to know their hardness is only superseded by diamonds, which are 10 as it’s made of pure carbon. Small amounts of minerals such as titanium, chromium, iron, copper, and/or magnesium can give corundum pink, purple, orange, blue, yellow, and greens colors. Though blue sapphire has been foremost choice, pink sapphires (and other colors) are becoming increasingly popular in demand. Nicole Richie is an acclaimed celebrity, primarily known to flaunt a pink sapphire engagement ring.

Historical and Latest Origins


Main sources of sapphire are within the basaltic lava rocks and river sands and gravels of Burma, Sri Lanka, and Pailin (Cambodia). Secondary locations are Australia, Brazil, Kashmir, Kenya, and Montana (USA). In fact, Australia’s history with sapphire gemstones stretches back more than 150 years. More recent and notable origin for higher sapphire gemstone quality is Madagascar, first noticed in 1991. The closest resemblances of Madagascar blue sapphires are comparable to Sri Lanka.

Powers and Properties


The ancient Persians called it as ‘Gem of Heaven’ and believed sapphires were chips from a pedestal that supported the earth, and its reflections gave the sky, its true blue colors. Considered the guardians of innocence, sapphires symbolize truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, and are theorized to bring peace, joy, and wisdom to their owners. Alternatively, if this royal gemstone is worn as a talisman pendant, they would protect against evil spirits. More specifically, they are said to protect from poverty, help him (or her) achieve a better financial status and improved personal security, but also remove misfortune and melancholy.

Buying Sapphire Jewelry Tips

Once you decide on your sapphire jewelry design, and confirm this matches your personality, style and taste, next is the task of buying with the best value. Here are few great tips that will get you a head start:


· Whether you are an avid shopper online or are more open to a traditional brick and mortar shops, or a place in between, you need to keep the 4 C’s (Color, cut, clarity and carat weight) in mind.

· Generally, color is a primary focus. The deeper the color saturation, the higher the price we can expect. However, if we do not consider the other C’s mind, we can experience a great loss.

· Second, we consider clarity. The less internal inclusions and/or imperfections found within your stone, the more we can anticipate your price to go up. Clarity affects your overall sparkle, brilliance, making a significant difference.

· Cut: As jewelry experts, if we have high color and clarity, but the cut is off, your gemstone will not illuminate the most light reflection and refraction.

· Carat weight is directly proportionate to your sapphire cost. Higher the carat weight, the higher the cost of a sapphire gemstone per carat. Another way to consider carat weight is the higher (or larger) gemstone carat weight, the more exclusive, and become even rarer to find a stone of this size.


We hope you have a better understanding for sapphires and will enjoy your sapphire jewelry even more! It’s the best time to wear, flaunt and enjoy sapphires- after all, it is September! More impressively, investment value of sapphires is on a rise. In order to take advantage of this limited time offer, apply code BLUE at checkout and receive an extra 15% Off and FREE $299 blue sapphire shell pendant on orders $1,499 or more. Let us know if you have any more questions. Our personal jewelers are available 24/7 to help you pick the best jewelry at the best value. We look forward to hearing from you.

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