Oval Blue Sapphire And Diamond Ring

Exactly when did sapphire rings come into popularity? King Solomon wore one, rulers of erstwhile era wore some, The British Monarchy is known for its collection of sapphires, Penelope Cruz received a sapphire ring as engagement ring; and now Princess Diana’s sapphire ring is hot again because Prince William proposed Kate Middleton with it.

This is a simple and subtle oval blue sapphire and diamond ring that would be cherish able forever. Angara has the unique easypay option wherein you could pay for this sapphire ring in three easy installments. The ring is delivered to you upon receipt of first payment.

Sapphires are said to confer success upon the wearer and bring peace and harmony in their lives. Sapphires are symbolic of constancy and are associated with the goddess of Love- Venus.

You could actually make this ring more affordable by creating your own blue sapphire ring through the build your own section. Choose from an array of blue sapphire shapes and cuts for a slight variation to this ring, or select a more affordable oval blue sapphire for the same ring.

If this is taking you down confusion lane, and you want to gift something, Angara has these fantastic gift Cards. Once again, select a card and pay in three easy installments with no processing fee or interest charged.


Pssst.. You could opt to pay for a $400 gift card in three installments of $133 each!

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